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Consumers frequently engage in pre-purchase search to extract up-to-date information for a purchase decision.

Searching for the right product can be time-consuming and exhausting. We cut through the noise to find the product that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Kintegra Research provides buying guides, product reviews and ratings that allow consumers to identify and weigh the features that are most relevant to them.

In a world filled with risk, uncertainty and decisions, our mission is to offer simple, clear and relevant guidance.

When it comes down to it, product reviews and recommendations are only meaningful if they can be trusted, for that reason, providing consumers with genuine product ratings and reviews is central to what we do.

We only recommend products we believe in. We never recommend products we wouldn’t buy ourselves. Kintegra Research exists to provide consumers with comprehensive, unbiased and independent advice on what products to buy.


For many consumers quality is a key aspect of consideration when purchasing a product.

In 1987 David A. Garvin published a quality framework model, the most comprehensive definition of product quality.

A quality product will perform as expected by the consumer and as specified by the manufacturer.

Our team of writers, editors and researchers employ David A. Garvin’s eight critical dimensions of quality to measure product quality.


Our research methodology is designed to assess product quality and validate suitability for end-use.

The selection of the best products is accomplished by combining machine learning algorithms and human intelligence.

Machine learning Algorithms + Human Intelligence = Augmented Intelligence.

Augmented intelligence delivers deep and powerful product insights and guarantees the best products list in any category by combining the following research methods: sentiment analysis, expert opinions and HUT: home use tests.


We use a set of algorithms to analyze reviews for products listed on online marketplaces and provide a rating for the user review authenticity.

The algorithms that we use detect and quantify recurring patterns in reviews allowing us filter out fake and unreliable reviews thereby ensuring that we provide consumers with the most up to date, trustworthy and relevant information.


Our recommendations are made through robust data analysis and reporting by our team of writers, editors and researchers.

We search journals, databases, online and print publications for comparative reviews and other sources relevant to the topic.

We also interview and consult subject-matter experts who include, but are not limited to professional makeup artists, medical professionals, engineers, scientists, Honours/Masters graduates and PhDs with backgrounds in nutrition, exercise science and other fields of specializations.


Products are shipped to the target audience and the research is conducted in consumers’ homes. Consumers prepare and consume the product within their homes and share their experiences during and after the experimentation.

Mobile market research allows Kintegra Research to collect consumer feedback in the form of photos, videos and voice recordings. Home use test studies enable Kintegra Research to collect qualitative and quantitative information about consumers’ usage behavior and preferences.