How Do You Spell Mascara?

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Before we delve into the correct spelling of mascara, we need to discuss the history of mascara. Self-beautification especially that of the eyes has a long and rich history. Dating back as early as 4000BC in Ancient Egypt. During that time, a dark substance known as Kohl was used to darken eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyelids.

Masking the eyes was believed to ward off evil spirits and provide protection for the souls of any who wore it, male or female. Egyptian influence carried the use of Kohl all the way through Babylonian, Greek and Roman civilizations.

Kohl was the subject of much innovation in the past and during the Victorian times makeup use grew amongst women. It was during this time that women would make homemade mascara by heating a mixture of lampblack, ash, and elderberry juice. They would then apply it to their eyelashes marking the birth of mascara as a cosmetic.

It was not until the 19th century when Eugene Rimmel developed his version of mascara using petroleum jelly. The product we know as mascara had started to shape up. And gradual developments contributed to mascara as we’ve come to know and love.

What Is The Correct Spelling For Mascara?

Mascara (noun)

Definition of mascara: a cosmetic product for lengthening, thickening, darkening, and intensifying your natural eyelashes.


  • Modern IPA: masgɑ́ːrə
  • Traditional IPA: mæˈskɑːrə
  • 3 syllables: “ma” + “SKAA” + “ruh”

The correct spelling for the word “mascara” is [ ma-skar-uh; British ma-skahr-uh] (Phonetic respelling).

What Is The Meaning Of Mascara?

Mascara is a cosmetic product applied to the eyelashes with a brush or a rod. It is used to make them more prominent. This is achieved by either curling, lengthening, darkening, thickening, or coloring the eyelashes. The beauty product is often sold in three forms: powder, liquid, and cream. Liquid mascara in a tube being the most common medium.

The word mascara is used to denote both the product as well as the act of applying mascara onto the eyelashes. Its origins are subject to much debate and speculation, but its closest origin can be linked several languages.

For instance, in Spanish and Portuguese the word “mascara” meaning mask, dark stain or smut are suspected sources. The word exists in other languages such as Italian, Hebrew and Catalan albeit with slight variations. But the meaning is the same.

What Are The Ingredients Of Mascara?

  • Carbon black/ iron oxide pigment
  • Propylene glycol
  • Petrolatum
  • Carnauba /candelilla wax
  • Lanolin
  • Castor oil
  • Thimerosal
  • Water
  • Emulsifiers e.g. glyceryl stearate or Steareth 2

Mascara ingredients such as propylene glycol, parabens, and thimerosal (the preservative of choice) are FDA approved. But they have been known to cause eyelid dermatitis due to allergic reactions amongst users. The parabens used include isopropylparaben, methylparaben and sodium. They are easy to spot on the product’s label because they have the word paraben at the end.

What Is Mascara Made From?

While the exact recipes of mascara remain closely guarded trade secrets. The basic production process is less mysterious. The process has evolved by great margins as technology and social attitudes have continued to change.

But for now, there are two main ways through which mascara is produced. The first being the anhydrous method (meaning it contains no water) and the emulsion method which is lotion based.

Anhydrous Method

The dry ingredients such as pigments waxes and oils are carefully weighed out. They are then mixed in tanks or kettles which hold 10 to 30 gal of product.

The mixture is then heated and agitated by propeller blades at high speed. Heat is applied to the mixture to melt the waxes and blend the dry mixture. The result is a dark paste in a consistency that is ready to be packaged.

Emulsion Method

Unlike the anhydrous method, water and thickeners are mixed to produce a cream or lotion base. Whilst waxes and emulsifiers (helps liquids mix) are heated separately and then pigments are added.

Finally, everything comes together in an airtight tank called a homogenizer. Which spins at extremely high speed and can hold between 5 and 100 gallons of product. Air is avoided to curb evaporation, premature drying and clumping.

Both methods share similar steps regard quality control, packaging, and distribution for sale. In quality checks a small sample from each batch is thoroughly screened at an onsite lab. This ensures the mixture is perfect down to the molecular level.

What Is The Point Of Mascara?

Mascara is not just about getting dark eyelashes. Depending on the formula and how you apply it. It can have some incredible results. Thick mascaras tend to cling onto the lashes and create the appearance of a full lash line with gorgeous volume. While some thinner ones give the lashes a more lengthened look.

When used skillfully, mascara will enhance the eyelashes giving them increased definition. And darkening the lashes creates a bold finish that brings out the shape of your eyes. Adding a touch of drama with each coat. The best part about mascara is how it will accentuate the natural features of the eyes and make them more striking and attractive.

What Is The Best Mascara 2021?

Black Venus Mascara

From such a vast list of products to choose from it’s only fair to be overwhelmed by your options. And where to start usually is not the easiest question to answer.

But we have gone through the trouble of selecting a few trusted mascara brands, so you don’t have to. Picking the best mascara formula for you depends on what you want your eyelashes to look like. Be it volume and thickness, curl, or length these options are sure to meet your needs.

The products are mentioned in no order of importance or function but are given much backing by makeup pros such as Anthony Nguyen, Bob Scott, and Amber Amos.

Aurora James’ makeup artist Bob Scott swears by Thrive Cosmetics liquid lash extensions mascara. Which has earned a reputation for giving length to the lashes, setting quickly, and lasting for a long without getting runny. In addition to darkening the lashes because of its deeply pigmented formula. A bonus is how the mascara washes off very easily and a breeze to remove at the end of each wear.

Amber Ross, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Travis Scott and Lil Nas X recommends Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara. As it provides great length together with volume and thickness. This product also has an easy to remove formula that washes off in seconds.

Other products are available on the market so you have plenty options. There is sure to be a brand that matches if not surpass your expectations. Its all a matter of preference and your satisfaction with the product of your choice.

How Do You Apply Mascara Properly?

Mascara is like the cherry on top with regards to your makeup routine. It usually goes on after eyeshadow or eyeliners. Whether you have chosen a formula for length, volume or curl, application is the same.

Curl Your Eyelashes

First step is to curl your lashes with a lash curler. On top of making your eyes look bigger, this will lengthen and lift the lashes. While allowing the mascara a chance to bond onto them. But if you are already blessed with naturally curly lashes, you might not need to do this.

Apply Eyelash Primer

Next step, prepare your lashes for mascara by applying lash primer. This will help separate the lashes and give the mascara something to attach to, making it stay longer. Apply one or two coats on the upper and lower lashes and allow at least 30 seconds before the mascara goes on.

Apply Apply Mascara On Your Lashes

Most products come with an applicator or a wand. When you twist the wand out of the tube, remove any excess mascara. This can be done by wiping the wand against the edge of the tube.

Apply mascara to your upper eyelashes by looking up. Then work from root to tip, wiggling the wand back and forth and slowly raising it to the tip of your lashes. Use the tip of the wand to reach the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Working slowly will prevent your lashes from clumping. You can also layer the mascara with additional coats until you get the desired thickness. Take care not to let the product dry in between coats. As the lashes will become weak and brittle, prone to breaking.

Cover and Separate All Your Lashes

Cover the lashes by first tilting the wand vertically then brushing up against them. Next, hold the wand facing diagonally downward and work across the eyelashes. This goes a long way to ensure each lash is separated and evenly coated. And removes any clumps or excess product.

Remove Any Smudges

When you accidentally smudge some mascara onto your skin or eyelids. Allow it to dry then try and remove with a Q-tip. This way the smudge does not spread, making more of a mess. And avoid pumping the mascara tube. As it will introduce air into the tube and dry out the product. If you are new to mascara, you might want to choose a formula that can easily be washed off. It will be easier to remove and gentle on your lashes.

Elevate Your Mascara Game: Final Thoughts

To get the best results when working with mascara. Try to get fair coverage for both the upper and lower eyelashes. Avoid sharing mascara as this can easily spread eye infection-causing germs. And always dispose of your mascara product 3 months after opening it.

Also, with the rising awareness in health and environmental issues. The future of mascara is set to include a range of organic products using natural ingredients. As opposed to using harmful synthetics.

In conclusion, mascara is a product that delivers dazzling eyelashes that are sure to up your makeup game and self-confidence. If you hate wearing false eyelashes, you’ll love wearing mascara. What better way to accentuate your eyes than to have this beauty in a bottle?


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