Does Mascara Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out?

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Does mascara make your eyelashes fall out? Yes, but it is a bit more complicated than just that! While it is true that mascara can lead to brittle lashes that are prone to breakage, there are plenty of other factors to consider other than just your makeup.

To better understand what can cause eyelashes to fall out, monitor the way you sleep and how you wash your face. Stomach sleepers can end up rubbing their eyes inadvertently against their pillow, while too vigorous scrubbing during face cleansing can severely pull on your lashes.

In this article, we’ll review the effects mascara can have on your eyelashes, how to combat them, and the steps you can take to help your eyelashes recover from severe fallout and breaks.

Does Wearing Mascara Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out?

Tentatively, yes. Mascara can lead to your eyelashes falling out. The fan-favorite product is generally known to dry out eyelashes when worn for long periods of time. A prime example of this is falling asleep in your makeup, or not properly removing your mascara after wear.

Here, thoroughness is key! There is no harm in wearing eye makeup like mascara every day, all day, 7 days a week, but there is harm in improper removal techniques. In fact, experts point to poor mascara removal as one of the leading causes of eyelash loss.

To help fight against eyelash fallout, gently remove your makeup fully before bed (this can also save you from an eye infection) and ditch the eyelash curler. Yes, I know: that’s asking a lot. As someone with stubbornly straight lashes, it’s hard to imagine skipping out on curling them.

I mean, any sort of lift totally enhances the eyes, which is why beauty treatments like eyelash extensions and eyelash perming are so popular. However, so many people tend to snag their lashes on their curler or clamp way too hard—both of which can result in lash breaking.

In short, carefully remove your mascara, avoid curlers when you can, and be gentle above all. If you don’t have any makeup remover on hand, feel free to check out this post to find out all of the ways you can remove your mascara otherwise.

Why Do My Lashes Not Stay Curled After Mascara?

Frankly, mascara can be heavy. Most of the time, you will find that mascaras will weigh down the curl in your lashes by some degree. It is a common issue that many people face when applying eye makeup.

Furthermore, this unimpressive, dropped result can lead to individuals feeling the need to curl their lashes after the application of mascara. According to L’Oreal Paris USA, you should avoid curling your lashes after mascara is applied.

By curling your lashes after the fact you not only risk spoiling a perfectly clean curler, but your lashes are more prone to breakage this way. Mascara stiffens the eyelash to hold the shape, so any pressure is likely to cause cracking.

On that note, drooping lashes after mascara application are sometimes from a particularly wet mascara formula that doesn’t dry fast enough, and other times from a thick, heavily layered formula. Choose waterproof formulas that help lashes keep their shape.

Keep mascara application light, and use a curved mascara wand to help promote the length and curl you are looking for. For the low down on curling your lashes and mascara tips and tricks, see our article titled “Will Eyelashes Stay Curled Without Mascara?

How Do You Keep Your Eyelashes From Falling Out When You Take Off Mascara?

So, eyelashes can fall out from mascara removal, and you’re probably wondering how you can stop this. First things first, use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser when taking off mascara. Anything too rough can pull at your lashes, so use a soft cloth (or even just your hands) during application.

Furthermore, make sure your eyelashes are saturated—especially if you’re wearing a waterproof formula—with the cleanser of your choice. The more coverage the cleanser has from the start will make it easier to remove the mascara overall.

Once you are certain that you have removed the majority of the mascara, comb through your lashes with a spoolie and apply a moisturizer if available. The spoolie should collect any remaining debris, while the moisturizer will help your eyelashes recover from any damage caused by dryness.

How Can I Regrow My Eyelashes?

As for regrowing eyelashes, serum boosters, various vitamins, and gentle natural oils can all do the job. We’ll touch on each to figure out the benefits of them individually.


Serums are the most popular method of eyelash regrowth. They can be purchased at most stores, or online. Preferably, you would want to find a serum that is dermatologist approved and free from chemical toxins.

Additionally—while prices vary—products to look out for include ones that have high customer ratings from trustworthy brands. For example, Silly George Lash Growth Serum and RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum are both products with high praise.

If you are an individual that has or is interested in getting eyelash extensions, RapidLash’s serum is safe for use with extensions, but if au naturel is your method then check out Silly George.


Vitamins to promote eyelash growth tend to be the same vitamins you want to take for general hair growth. Whether it is Sugarbear Hair Gummies or just a standard women’s health supplement, choose vitamins that include Biotin.

As an essential vitamin, Biotin (a B vitamin) is known for regulating hair growth and stimulating new cell growth at the follicle. If one is deficient in Biotin, they will experience hair loss, balding, and patches of dry rashes.


The most popular oil to use for eyelash regrowth is by far castor oil. While some professionals argue about the effectiveness of castor oil in hair growth, some beauty gurus swear by it.

Apply a small amount along your lash line for a few minutes before rinsing off: oil that is left overnight can heighten the risk of eye infections, so avoid extensive wear.

Of course, a preferable solution would be to practice at least two of these techniques together, or all three in coordination. Meanwhile, another outstanding method of promoting eyelash regrowth is simply giving your eyelashes a break from makeup while you are recovering.

Final Thoughts: Does Mascara Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out?

In conclusion, mascara can indirectly lead to eyelash breakage and fallout. Otherwise, mascara can cause dryness and leave lashes vulnerable to breaking. If you are worried about drying out your eyelashes, seek out mascara that has a conditioner serum infused in it.

Oh, and speaking of serums—they can help promote lash growth (and regrowth) along with castor oil and Biotin vitamins. Also, for those who wear sleep masks or stomach sleep: your lashes could be getting damaged in the night. Avoid these sleep practices if you can to save your lashes from breaking.

Lastly, when removing mascara, use gentle cleansers and avoid harsh scrubbing, rubbing, and scratching. Be thorough with makeup removal, too, to prevent continued damage during after-wear hours.


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