How Long Do You Keep Adore Hair Dye In?

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How long do you keep Adore hair dye in? Being the efficient product that it is, you need to only let the color sit for 15 minutes. With such a small amount of time needed for the dye to take effect, you can achieve an entirely new look within an hour. 

This article will explore the need to know about Adore hair dyes while also giving guidance on other aspects of the entire dyeing process, regardless of the brand used.

How Long Should I Leave Adore Hair Dye In?

Since there is a big difference between how long you should keep in Adore hair dye and how long you could, this is a great question to ask.

Technically, you should leave Adore color in for about 15 minutes, as is recommended on the dye’s container. However, there is no reason for you to not let it sit in your hair for up to 4 hours.

An extended time does not pose any sort of health risk, nor will it ruin your end result; in fact, the longer you leave the dye in then there are higher chances that you will come out with a longer-lasting, more vibrant color.

Does Adore Hair Dye Fade Fast? 

Adore hair dye is actually very well-known for their long lasting color as a semi-permanent. More often than not, your new Adore color will last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. Of course, this average will vary depending on your personal hair care routine. 

In general, the more frequently you wash your hair and use deep-conditioning masks then the faster your hair dye will fade. Heat-styling tools will also impact the overall look of your dye and encourage fading, so it is recommended to use those sparsely. 

Does Adore Make Permanent Hair Color? 

As of the writing of this article, Adore does have a line of permanent hair color. It is a cream-based product and advertises to have the ability to completely cover gray hair within 7 minutes alone.

The Adore permanent hair dye is found in darker natural shades, ranging from a striking jet black (777) to a warm medium chestnut (707). All of these colors are infused with Vitamin E oil and aloe vera, thus creating a final look that is soft to the touch.

Do You Have To Bleach Your Hair To Use Adore?

In order for Adore color to really take to your hair you will need to already have naturally light hair, or you will need to bleach it. Being a semi-permanent color more times than not, Adore hair dye only ever seeps into your hair cuticle.

For the color to show up the way it is displayed on the box you will need to start with a light base. If you happen to have hair that is darker, the dye will not be the desired color by the end of the dyeing process.

Considering that you may be looking to combat this predicament you simply need to find dye that is specifically made for those with dark hair. On another hand, you can still use Adore even with dark natural hair—it will just not come out the color you were probably hoping for.

Tons of beauty gurus and cosmetologists have applied semi-permanent dyes to naturally dark hair, expecting a darker color and getting exactly what they were looking for.

Is It Better To Dye Hair When Wet Or Dry?

When it comes down to coloring I would recommend starting off with dry hair. If you happen to apply dye to hair that is wet then you run the risk of having a pale, diluted color.

Even worse, the dye may struggle attaching itself to your hair and may wash out easily. An uneven dye is another hazard that comes with applying hair color to wet hair.

What Happens If I Don’t Leave Hair Dye On Long Enough?

Time is one of the biggest issues people face during the dyeing process: No matter what, however, make sure you leave the hair dye in for at least the minimum time.

If you wash out the color too soon, then you risk the color not holding at all. The time on the packaging of the hair dye is the number you should refer to when deciding how long to leave in the color.

While it may be fine to exceed that number, you should never go below it otherwise your dye will not process and set. If by chance it does, then the color will certainly not be even.

What Happens If You Leave Hair Dye In Longer Than Recommended?

Overall, it depends on the hair dye on whether or not there will be certain consequences to leaving the color in longer than recommended. As stated above, Adore semi-permanent hair dye is fine to leave in longer than the recommended 15 minutes.

Some people even sleep with the color overnight! Saying this, always do your research; no two products are alike, and what works with one brand will not always translate over cleanly to another. 

When debating whether or not to extend the dye time to achieve a more lustrous color make sure to consider any damaging ingredients.

If there are some present, then do not leave it in longer than the labeled time; otherwise, your hair could become dry and weak (this is largely an issue with permanent dyes that you do not want to leave in more than 30 minutes).

What Happens If You Don’t Wash All The Hair Dye Out?

So, then, what does happen if you don’t get out all the hair dye after the initial cold wash? Well, you can expect dull, heavy hair. Trace amounts of product in your hair can further cause dryness and fragility.

Rather than beautiful hair with movement, dimension, and a bold color, you will have the exact opposite effect. To save your hair and to save your time, make sure to get out all of the excess color in one go.

Final Thoughts: How Long Do You Keep Adore Hair Dye In?

Taking all of this into consideration, be sure to keep your Adore hair dye—and any hair dye—in for at least the minimum time required for it to set. If you remove the dye too early then the color will either not hold or it will not dye evenly.

Furthermore, some dyes are completely fine to keep in for hours longer than the recommended time (Adore, Manic Panic, and Joico included). Other dyes risk damaging both your hair and scalp, and you should not keep them on more than 10-15 minutes after the required time.

Although most of these do include permanent colors that contain chemicals in their ingredients that are not meant to have a long exposure period. Lastly, always apply dye to clean, dry hair for easy application.


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