Is Hair Conditioner A Waste Of Money?

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Is hair conditioner a waste of money? That depends on who you ask! Hair conditioners add moisture to your hair after a shampoo strips it of its natural oils. Therefore, for most folks hair conditioners are a must-have. 

Going without conditioner can generate a myriad of different results. These results will vary from person to person and depend on their specific hair type.

From dryness to dullness, going cold turkey on a hair conditioner can throw a wrench in your routine. This article will address the possible effects of quitting hair conditioners and if the product is even worth it. (Spoiler: it totally is).

We’ll also touch on the financial side of hair care. When we do, we’ll discuss the annual cost of conditioner and if good shampoo or conditioner is worth investing in. 

With winter coming, retaining moisture is as vital as ever. Break out the deep conditioners, lip balm, and rich lotions: you’ll thank us later. Without further ado, let’s jump into this!

Are Hair Conditioners Worth It?

Yes, hair conditioners are worth it! As we mentioned before, conditioners add moisture back after shampoo’s surfactants do their thing. Consequently, they play a pretty important role in any standard hair care routine.

If you are in the market for a new hair conditioner, we recommend a quality product that addresses your hair needs. There are several hair conditioners out there that are infused with specific ingredients to strengthen (and soften) hair.

Generally, whatever your hair care woe is, there is likely a conditioner ready to address it. There’s conditioners for volume, moisture, and control, plus a plethora of others.

Furthermore, the quality of your conditioner matters in the long run. Depending on the formula and the ingredients used could make a world of a difference for your hair.

That is why brands like Prose and Function of Beauty have tailored their products to the individual’s specific needs. It is important that your hair conditioner compliments the shampoo you use.

While there is nothing wrong with mismatching once in a while, there is a difference. Using matching products will help you accomplish your hair goal faster.

Again, although not utterly necessary, having a conditioner that matches your shampoo is a bonus. Are you still wondering if hair conditioners are worth it? You may not have found the right conditioner for your hair.

We recommend making an appointment at your local salon for a hair care consultation. In case that isn’t an option, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with new brands.

Is Conditioner Ruining My Hair?

No, conditioner is not ruining your hair. That being said, misusing hair conditioner can do a number on your hair. Over-conditioning is absolutely a thing that can exist. It leads to hair loss and breakage.

When washing your hair you should only ever condition your ends. To ensure this, gather your hair into a ponytail: everything from the hold down should be conditioned. Special attention should be given to the ends, too.

Hair conditioner should never be applied to the scalp. Another way to avoid over-conditioning is by gently squeezing your hair after applying the product.

Excess conditioner will seep out since your hair only ever absorbs what it can take. By the same token—if your hair is dry—you may need to apply conditioner twice. Observe the way your hair reacts to the product and go from there.

Having a poor experience with conditioner in the past is enough to turn you off of the whole product. It is like swearing off, say, curling cream (speaking from experience, here) after the first makes your hair crunchy.

We avoid troubleshooting, but don’t really accomplish anything other than that. If you want to fix a problem, you have to work towards a solution. Here comes swearing off hair conditioner.

While initial results may be positive for those with fine, straight hair, lack of moisture will eventually take a toll. It may manifest as dull, limp hair, or as frizz and split ends. Regardless of anyone’s feelings on it, hair conditioner does have its benefits.

Is It Better To Invest In A Good Shampoo Or Conditioner?

Both shampoo and conditioner are important, but we would recommend a good conditioner over a shampoo. That is, if you could splurge on one of the two, treat yourself to some quality hair conditioner.

The only time this doesn’t apply is if you are one of many folks who struggles with oily hair. Then we’d say opt for a superior shampoo. Consequently, which product to invest in goes either way. It is completely dependent on your hair needs.

These needs can change with the seasons (literally)—your winter hair is nothing like your summer hair. On that account, keep track of how your hair is behaving to figure out what it needs.

How Much Does The Average Person Spend On Conditioner A Year?

According to Statista, in 2021 the average American spent $77.17 on hair care products. Hair conditioner is a complicated variable since there are so many different sizes and consumers have different habits.

The same bottle of hair conditioner can last Person A three months, but Person B is through it within a single month. That being said, we can take a crack at figuring out an approximation. 

Touching back on Statista, we’re going to reference a diagram that depicts the average cost of U.S. hair conditioners in 2019. The average of all of these numbers is approximately $6.57. Depending on the conditioner, this could be 10 fluid ounces or 16. 

If used correctly, 10 oz hair conditioner should last about a month for most folks. That would be roughly $6.57 spent every month for a year, or $78.84 annually. However, the larger the bottle then the longer it will last, so there could be some annual variation.

Final Thoughts: Is Hair Conditioner A Waste Of Money?

All things considered, a hair conditioner isn’t a waste of money. The hair care product actually has a major influence over the health and appearance of your hair. It is likely that any negative reactions with conditioner is a result of over-conditioning.

Excess hair conditioner can do more harm than good. Also, your hair may require specific things from your conditioner. Or, you want to achieve a certain look. Both are worth considering when trying to figure out why your conditioner fell flat. 

For a product that costs an average of $78.84 annually, you may even entertain dropping conditioners altogether. Don’t. Conditioner has far too many benefits to let it go. If you are looking for a solution, attend a consultation at your local salon for professional guidance.


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