Is It OK To Wear False Eyelashes Every Day?

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Is it OK to wear false eyelashes every day? Many women are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to wear false eyelashes every day, and it’s important to ask yourself what you need them for before making a decision.

False eyelashes are great for a number of things: they instantly enhance your eyes and give you that Hollywood eye look, but they also serve a functional purpose as well. Most women need them to improve the overall look of their eyes.

If you have ever worn fake eyelashes or seen someone who does, then you’ve noticed how vibrant and confident they looked. For decades, fake eyelashes have been gracing peoples’ eyes delivering fullness and drama as well as providing a much-needed self-esteem boost.

Given how the product appears to be a panacea for all eyelash woes and a quick fix when you need it most. It’s only fair to develop a certain reliance on fake eyelashes.

While most individuals would usually wear falsies on a special occasion. There are some who choose to wear them on a regular basis, sometimes even daily, and see no harm in it.

In case you’re just starting to love falsies and haven’t quite decided where you lean towards. This post will shed some light on a few questions that often accompany the fake eyelash conversation.

What Happens If You Wear False Eyelashes Every Day?

Before you get all excited about looking fabulous all day every day. You need to understand what exactly you’ll be putting your eyelashes through. And what the delicate eyelid skin will be exposed to.

The materials used to make fake eyelashes are enough to cause an allergic reaction. Falsies can be made from synthetic fibers or animal hairs including humans and mink.

Although mink creates the most realistic set of falsies, it can trigger a slippery slope of allergic reactions. Assuming you can survive the above, there are a few more hurdles to navigate ahead.

Glues and adhesives containing harmful substances are often used when wearing falsies. The concern stems from the toxic and carcinogenic nature of such chemicals, for instance, formaldehyde. Which can cause severe damage to the eyelash bed.

As well as harm to the skin around the hair follicles. And irritation to the rest of the skin around the eye. The glue itself may even find its way into the eye. Resulting in excruciating pain, itching, and considerable swelling.

Another factor to consider is tugging and pulling. After a long day at work or a night out, being exhausted is inevitable. And you could quite easily be tempted to hurry up and be done with removing your falsies.

This is where most people would pull off the fake lashes without properly dissolving the glue. I can guarantee that a fair bit of your natural lashes will come off along with the falsies.

The sheer force of pulling and the weight of the fake eyelashes on your natural lashes are certain to cause traction alopecia. This condition occurs because of the constant tension that your lashes are subjected to.

Considering how you’d be wearing falsies daily the tension can only get worse. In addition to this, heavy makeup and false lashes can clog up hair follicles and oil glands. They also trap dirt and debris creating a hotbed for bacteria and making your lashes a potential source of infections.

Can I Wear Fake Eyelashes Every Day?

In terms of this being possible, the answer is yes. But like everything else in life, it has its pros and cons. Let’s do a little cost-benefit analysis here for a minute. The pros are that you’ll have fabulous lashes all day every day, and who wouldn’t want to slay like that?

Also, falsies provide a much-needed confidence boost, you’ll have a little more pizazz in your stride. The near-instant glamour delivered by false lashes is a sure way to uplift your self-esteem.

However, having to put on false eyelashes every day is undeniably time-consuming. Imagine committing to such a regime, putting them on, and taking them off every day of the week. In all honesty, doing this is draining, to say the least.

Also, consider the cost of having to regularly replace worn-out falsies. Although most are reasonably priced and reusable, those small costs over an extended period of time add up to considerable amounts.

Maintaining such a lifestyle can prove costly in the long run, provided the means to do so are limited. Lastly, you can’t subject your natural lashes to daily torture and expect there not to be consequences.

Daily use of fake eyelashes comes with its equal share of health risks. Ranging from allergic reactions triggered by the material used to make the lashes or the adhesive.

And infections from not cleaning the lashes properly or clogged hair follicles and oil glands. The worst of which being eyelash loss or traction alopecia.

How Long Can You Wear False Eyelashes?

Depending on the glue used and the methods of application. False eyelashes can stay on for as long as 3 to 7 days. But having them on for that long is strongly discouraged.

Instead, it is generally safer to only wear your falsies for about 12 hours and to take them off as soon as they have served their purpose.

Leaving false lashes on for too long denies your natural lashes their ability to clean themselves naturally. As such, a slippery slope of associated risk could be set off. Opening the doors to a host of infections or allergic reactions that could have been avoided.

What Are The Best False Eyelashes For Daily Wear?

False eyelashes have evolved to become more versatile to suit whatever eyelash needs you have. And as such, some brands have come up with products suitable for daily wear.

Whether you’re going out with the girls or just grabbing lunch with a friend and maybe a drink or two. There is sure to be a pair of falsies perfect for that day.

Here’s a short guide as to which brands are ideal for everyday activities, brunch dates, and night-outs. We’ll start with regular use eyelashes that work well during your day-to-day activities.

The best pick are falsies that have an ultra-thin band and fine lashes or hairs. These feel super lightweight and won’t feel like you’re wearing anything. The idea is to be comfortable for as long as possible.

The options to pick from include Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes or Kiss My Lash But Better Lashes and Velour Effortless Collection Lashes.

Now let’s up the scales a little bit. Suppose you’d like to add a touch of something special for that brunch date with a colleague, but you don’t want to look too heavily made up. The best bet is wispy and long lashes with a modest winged look.

This gives you cute and classy eyes to match the atmosphere of the occasion. Brands that suit this scenario include Ardell Wispies False Eyelashes or Sephora Collection False Lashes and Beauty Garde Graduated Flare False Lashes.

Whether you’re headed to your weekly date night with that special someone or a night out with the girls, you’ll want to turn up and go full-on glamour for your night out.

You’ll need something that packs a punch like fanned-out lashes that are full and dense. Such as Sephora Collection Vegan False Eyelashes or Eylure Bronze Beauty Lashes and Hollywood 3D Mink Lilly Lashes.

Does Wearing Fake Eyelashes Damage Your Eyelashes?

Unfortunately, false eyelashes have long been associated with eyelash loss. This damage can be attributed to the fake lashes as a product as well as the user’s habits. On their own, the lashes present problems because of the manner they are produced and applied.

Harmful chemicals are sometimes a major contributor to eyelash loss. Considering how they are toxic to sensitive eyelid skin and the surrounding hair follicles. Other times the weight of false eyelashes pulls against the eyelash shaft.

Making them weak and prone to breaking and falling off. The user on the other hand may worsen the effects by adding heavy coats of mascara. And using the improper technique when removing the fake eyelashes.

These factors contribute to traction alopecia, a loss of natural lashes caused by frequent tugging and pulling. The constant tension from the glue and the weight of falsies can result in temporary or permanent hair loss at its worst.

Do You Have To Remove False Eyelashes Every Day?

The greatest disservice you can do to your natural lashes is leaving makeup on overnight. Imagine what all that sweat and grime from a hard day’s work or a long night’s partying could do to your skin.

Fake eyelashes trap debris and create a warm moist environment that favors the growth of bacteria. The prolonged exposure of your natural lashes to harmful chemicals increases the likelihood of adverse effects.

The possibility of infections or allergic reactions rises considerably. And the constant tension that the eyelash shaft will be subjected to, will weaken them over time leading to traction alopecia.

When fake eyelashes have served their purpose for the day it’s best to remove them. And it is advised to be careful not to rush the process. Pulling at your falsies when the glue hasn’t properly dissolved will mean that a few natural lashes may come off as well.

How Do You Get False Eyelashes To Stay On?

Good technique is important to make sure your falsies don’t fall off minutes after you’ve struggled to stick them on. The secret lies in the basics of how to apply fake eyelashes correctly as well as a few pro-tips.

The first step is the make sure you allow the glue some time to get tacky before attaching the Falsies. 30 seconds should be enough to start with. This will increase the chances of a stronger bond.

The second method is the double-adhesive technique. This is where you apply a thin layer of glue on both the fake eyelashes as well as your lash line. When you have finished applying the falsies, you can comb them together with your natural lashes.

This will merge the two and hide the thin band of skin between where your real lashes end and where the falsies attach. Good technique will ensure your fake eyelashes won’t ping up at the corners anymore.

Can You Sleep In Fake Eyelashes?

Due to the associated health risks, the answer is no. Sleeping with falsies on invites a host of complications that vary in severity from mild discomfort to full-blown pain. The list of problems you might develop include the following:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Eyelash loss
  • Infections
  • Keratoconjunctivitis
  • Eyelid contact dermatitis

Allergic reactions can be triggered by the ingredients used to produce the eyelash adhesive. Formaldehyde is one such substance. And as an allergen, it can cause keratoconjunctivitis which can be identified through swollen eyelids, redness, and discharge.

And eyelid contact dermatitis is commonly seen through redness, itching, and swelling of the eyelid. In either case, some eyelash loss may occur as well.

In some cases, the irritation may cause the individual to scratch and pull around the eyelid area. Leading to a condition referred to as madarosis.

False eyelashes can trap dirt and grime, this in turn creates ideal conditions for harmful bacteria to thrive. If the issue is not addressed an infection may occur. And wearing falsies to bed increases the likelihood of an infection developing.

The most common being blepharitis caused by staph infection (staphylococcus aureus) and pink eye (bacterial conjunctivitis) and growths commonly called styes may also appear on the eyelid.

Final Thoughts: Is It OK To Wear False Eyelashes Every Day?

Unfortunately wearing fake eyelashes daily is an extreme sport with tremendous risk involved. And the cons associated with it far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Occasional use doesn’t do as much harm in the long run. And it allows your natural lashes to recover. But considering how permanent eyelash damage and vision problems lurk with daily use. The practice is strongly discouraged.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that not all false eyelashes are made equal. And when choosing fake eyelashes make sure you do your research and buy a quality product.

You want to make sure they are made of good quality materials and will last you more than one use. Choose a style and length that looks good on you. Some people say longer lashes make you look younger, so try a few that are longer.

Be sure to choose a style that matches your eyelid shape and facial structure. Instead of depending on false eyelashes, you might want to invest in growing out your own. Various methods such as eyelash growth serums and dietary supplements can prove effective.

Eyelash enhancers can help you get those long lashes with daily use, while vitamins can improve the health of your natural lashes to allow them to grow more lush and full.

Another option is to work on any underlying self-esteem issues as they can be a sign of body dysmorphia. It’s incredibly unhealthy to depend on beauty products as a means to an end. The physical and psychological effects can be dire.


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