Can I Dye My Hair Again The Next Day?

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Can I dye my hair again the next day? This question is commonly asked for many different reasons or situations. We’ve all been there. You do your hair and it doesn’t turn out how you expected.

So you want to dye it a second time or dye it a different color/back to your original color. However, dyeing your hair too frequently can damage your hair. In the long run, it’s best to avoid over-dyeing your hair.

Can I Dye My Hair Again The Same Day?

Dyeing your hair again the same day can cause significant damage to your hair and also your scalp. Typically, you should wait 6-8 weeks to dye your hair again after the first time.

Hair dye has a lot of harsh chemicals in it that are applied to your hair and scalp. Permanent hair dye has the harshest chemicals and you should definitely wait the 6-8 weeks before dyeing it a second time.

Dyeing your hair twice in one day can cause burning to the scalp because of the irritation from chemical exposure. It also will cause your hair to dry out and be more prone to split ends or breakage.

Can You Dye Your Hair Again The Next Day?

Dyeing your hair the next day can be very harmful to your hair and scalp. You can experience massive hair loss and even burning. The chemicals in the hair dye cause intense irritation if applied for long periods or back to back. You have to allow time for your hair and scalp to recover from the first dyeing or treatment process.

What Happens If I Dye My Hair Again The Next Day?

The first thing you might see if you dye your hair again the next day is significant hair loss and breakage. You will see increased hair coming out when you brush it, when you take a shower, or even on your pillow at night.

You will physically feel how damaged your hair is. The split ends will be more noticeable than ever before. It will feel stringy, dry, brittle, and hard to brush or tangle very easily.

The damage will be even more extensive if you use permanent hair dye, as those contain much harsher ingredients and chemicals. You could experience burning of the scalp, which can lead to infection if not treated properly.

How Do You Tell If You Can Dye Your Hair Again?

There are very slim and certain circumstances where it might be safe to dye your hair again. However, it’s still best to wait at least 2 weeks between dyes and treatments.

If you just cannot wait those two weeks, then here’s how you can determine if you can dye your hair again and how long you have to wait.

If your hair is damaged then you should not dye it again. If your hair was damaged before dyeing it the first time then you should wait closer to a month before dyeing it again.

If your hair was healthy before dyeing it and it no longer feels healthy after dyeing it then you should wait 2 weeks before dyeing it again.

How long you have to wait before dyeing your hair again also depends on the type of hair dye that you used. Did you use semi-permanent, demi-permanent, or permanent?

Permanent hair dye has significantly harsher chemicals in it than the others, so if you used permanent hair dye then you should wait a minimum of 2 weeks before dyeing it again. The developer is also a huge factor in it as well.

10 or 20 volume developer is what usually comes with most box dyes, however, yours may have come with a higher developer such as a volume 30 or 40. If yours has a 10 or 20 volume developer, then you can most likely dye your hair again without extensive damage.

Will My Hair Get Lighter If I Dye It Again?

Your hair will not get lighter if you dye it again. Actually, the opposite will happen. Hair dye does not have the ability to strip away color, only to add color pigments.

Your hair will be completely saturated with color dye pigments, therefore, making your hair much darker. If you want to dye your hair lighter because it came out too dark, then you should wait the 2 week period before dyeing it to a lighter shade.

Does Hair Dye Lighten After A Few Days?

Yes! Hair dye does lighten after a few days. The dye will lighten and fade as you continue to wash your hair. The hair dye is completely settled into your hair molecules after 3-4 days of dyeing it.

This allows any excess molecules that didn’t get absorbed, to be easily washed away and faded. How fast and how much your hair lightens is based on how often you wash it and with what products.

If you wash your hair often then the dye will lighten faster. Also, if you are using a low-quality shampoo and conditioner, then this will also cause the color to be stripped away faster and lighten quicker.

How Often Can You Dye Your Hair Without Damaging It?

You should wait at least 2 weeks before dyeing your hair again, but to avoid as much damage as possible you should wait around 6-8 weeks before dyeing it again. How often you can dye your hair depends on a few things like what type of dye you used and what volume developer.

If permanent hair dye was used then you should wait closer to the 6-week mark to dye your hair again, as the chemicals are more harmful in permanent hair dye than semi-permanent and demi-permanent.

The higher volume developer you used will deal the most damage. If you used a 10 or 20 volume then you can dye your hair again much sooner than if you’d used a 30 or 40 developer.

Can You Use Box Hair Dye Twice In One Week?

No. You should not use box hair dye twice in one week. Dyeing your hair, even with a box dye, is a chemical process. Dyeing it twice in one week is not enough time in between dyeing sessions.

Dyeing your hair multiple times with box dye within a week can cause damage to your hair. Your hair may feel dry and brittle, there will be increased hair breakage and hair loss.

Your scalp may also burn or feel very irritated from the chemicals in the hair dye. You should wait between 6-8 weeks before dyeing your hair again with a box dye to ensure there is no extensive avoidable damage done to your hair and scalp.

Can I Change My Hair Color After A Week?

I’m sure you or someone you know haw dyed their hair and then turns out that they don’t like it. Trying to change your hair color after only a week will cause lots of damage to your hair. You should wait closer to 6-8 weeks before re-dyeing your hair another color, especially if you’re planning to try and lighten it.

How Soon Can I Dye My Hair Again To Fix It?

Experts say you should wait at least 2 weeks before dyeing your hair again, but this is the minimum. It’s important to note that there can still be damage done to your hair.

Also, note that the two weeks wait is to redye your hair with a demi-permanent hair dye. If you want to use a semi-permanent or a permanent hair dye then you should wait closer to a month before redyeing your hair.

How Do I Fix My Hair Color Gone Wrong?

A lot of us have been in a situation where the hair color didn’t turn out how we’d hoped and you’re looking for every possible way to fix it. We’ll go through some ways to fix your hair color.

If your hair color is too dark, don’t dye it on top of it with a lighter color. Contrary to popular belief, this will not make your hair lighter, in fact, it will do the opposite.

Your hair naturally lightens with time after dyeing it. All you need is a clarifying shampoo. Wash your hair with the shampoo and it will help to remove any excess color on your hair, making it even out more and appear lighter.

Can You Put One Hair Dye On Top Of Another?

You can put one hair dye on top of another but the result won’t be what you expect. Putting a color on top of another will not mask the previous color, but instead, it will mix together and can create a whole different color.

It’s very difficult to dye another color over a dark hair dye or color. You can dye a darker color on top of a light color though and that will take better than dyeing a lighter shade on top of a dark color.

Hair dye doesn’t remove or strip the previous color, so, therefore, applying a new color will just apply that new dye on top of the other one, without removing the color underneath.

How Often Can You Dye Your Hair With Box Dye?

You can dye your hair with box dye as often as every 6-8 weeks. This is the amount of time that experts say you should dye your hair, but at the very least you can dye it every 2-3 weeks.

Using a box dye has a lot of chemicals that are stripping to the hair so applying a dye back to back will do extensive damage to your hair. It can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.

You can experience hair loss and scalp irritation. It’s best to avoid as much damage as possible when box dyeing your hair by waiting the 6-8 weeks between dyeing it.

This will help your hair from damaging it too much. Be sure to do conditioning treatments for your hair in between dyes and use a shampoo that is high quality and made for color treated hair.

How Many Times Can You Dye Your Hair Before It Falls Out?

Essentially, your hair could very well fall out just from one dyeing session. There are a lot of factors that can impact hair loss with color treatments.

If your hair is already pretty dry and damaged then you will damage it more using a dye. Dyeing your hair should be a process. Don’t dye it back to back.

Experts say at minimum every 2-3 weeks hair can be dyed, but they recommend waiting more towards 6-8 weeks to avoid damage to the hair.

Using harsher products like permanent hair dye or a high volume developer can do more damage if you are dyeing it multiple times. Hair falling out can be the result of excessive hair dyeing and the lack of proper conditioning treatments as well.

Final Thoughts: Can I Dye My Hair Again The Next Day?

Dyeing your hair is a chemical process, so the dye actually does damage your hair at least a little bit. Dyeing your hair back to back is not recommended.

Experts say that you can wait for a minimum of 2-3 weeks between dyes, but you should wait closer to 6-8 weeks between dyes to ensure there isn’t extensive damage.

Remember, there are a lot of factors that go into how often you should dye your hair such as how healthy your hair was previously, what type of dye and developer you used, and what color you’re dyeing it.

Waiting for the allotted amount of time between dyes will be completely beneficial. If you dye your hair back to back you can experience dry brittle hair, burning of the scalp, irritation, hair loss, and even infection.

Using a permanent hair dye multiple times in a row can have worse effects as well. You should do a lot of conditioning treatments to deeply moisturize the hair. This will help combat the chemicals and keep the hair overall healthier.

You should also always go to a professional when doing your hair because they will ensure they’re using the right products for you and doing as least damage as possible. I recommend that you use Yelp to find the perfect hair color salon for you!


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