Where Do I Buy The Conditioner That Comes In Hair Dye Boxes?

boxed hair dye conditioner for sale inside a Rite Aid Pharmacy

Imagine this: you stand in front of the mirror, post-dye shower, and brush out your new vibrant locks. Seeing that you just lathered your hair in chemicals for half an hour, you expect your hair to have a little dryness, brittleness, or even maybe some resistance as you brush.

Instead, your hair is silky smooth. You’re confused as you take the bottle of hair dye conditioner out of the trash and inspect it. This has you wondering, where do I buy the conditioner that comes in hair dye boxes?

Why Is Hair Dye Conditioner So Good?

Is there a rhyme or reason behind why boxed hair dye conditioner is so incredible? Or is it all just a placebo effect? Turns out, there is! Bis-Isobutyl Amodimethicone—it’s a silicone.

It’s a mouthful. But it’s what makes hair dye conditioner so powerful. This type of silicone is known for its texture and shine-enhancing properties. The way it works is by coating the hair in a protective layer.

In addition, bis-isobutyl amodimethicone reduces friction between hair shafts which in turn lessens the amount of damage the hair sustains when dyeing.

By bonding to the damaged areas and using its silicone properties as a protective shield, hair feels softer and more manageable. Now, most conditioners, unless specified, contain low levels of silicone.

However, the levels of silicone in boxed hair dye conditioners are significantly higher due to the hair’s need for repair after dyeing. Silicone, used in small doses is extremely effective at hair nourishment, protection, color retention, and all-over sustainability.

However, when used at high doses for long periods of time, a buildup is created on the hair shafts and it begins to look worse than when you started.

Where Can I Buy The Conditioner That Comes In Hair Dye Boxes?

As stated previously, all conditioners contain some level of silicone. Unless specified as silicone-free, conditioners typically contain 1-2% of silicone. However, finding a conditioner with the same levels of silicone that boxed hair dye conditioners have is a bit tricky.

The long-term effects of high levels of silicone may be the reason many big boxed dye brands don’t just sell their conditioner separately.

After doing a bit of research, I found that nearly every big box dye brand does NOT sell their box dye conditioner but instead has created a dupe—a close but not exact match.

Can You Buy The Conditioner That Comes With Nice ‘N Easy?

Start doing any research on boxed hair dye conditioners and you’ll see that Clairol’s Nice’n Easy conditioner has an almost cult-like following.

It’s no surprise then, that Clairol ended up releasing a weekly deep conditioning treatment, CC Plus Color Seal Conditioner—their dupe for the conditioner contained within their Nice’n Easy boxed dye.

With hundreds of reviews on Amazon, this conditioner racked up 4.4 / 5 stars with many women ecstatic with their results. Many consumers rave about the soft, silky smooth feel of their hair after using this treatment. Currently, CC Plus Color Seal Conditioner is sold online through Amazon and in-store at Walmart.

What Is The Conditioner That Comes With Revlon Hair Dye?

Revlon too had to join the competition when it came to boxed hair dye conditioners hitting the shelves. So, they formulated their own separate version of their boxed hair dye conditioner: Revlon Colorsilk Color Care Conditioner.

Dubbed as the #1 hair color brand in the United States, Revlon claims that this product is a dupe for their conditioner inside the box, yet with a twist.

This conditioner also deposits color into hair, leaving hair both vibrant and soft. However, despite their attempts, many of the reviews on Amazon seem to disagree with their claim of being even close to a match.

While the Colorsilk Color Care Conditioner still has over a thousand reviews online they’ve only received 3.9 / 5 stars from many unsatisfied women looking for the product this claims to be. Is this conditioner the worst out there? No. Is it the best? Also no.

What Is The Conditioner That Comes With Schwarzkopf Hair Dye?

While Schwarzkopf itself is a hair color producer, they have multiple hair dye brands such as Keratin Color, got2b Color, Simply Color, and Glossify.

In addition to owning and producing these hair color brands, Schwarzkopf manufactures many different hair products such as hair spray, hair gel, mousse, wax, and styling cream.

Among all of these products is Schwarzkopf’s Color Expert Conditioner. According to their website, this conditioner was perfectly designed to be used alongside their Color Expert hair dye brand OR any other at-home hair dye kit.

With claims to be the closest formula possible to at-home dye kit conditioners, this conditioner is infused with OmegaPLEX Professional Anti-Breakage Technology to lock in color and seal hair strands for maximum strength.

What Is The Conditioner That Comes With L’Oréal Hair Dye?

L’Oréal’s Color and Shine Conditioner isn’t beloved for no reason. Containing ingredients such as camelina oil and vitamin E, this product claims to be the best at locking in color and sustaining natural shine. In addition, this conditioner contains a UV filter.

Having this feature is especially important for active outdoorsy people who want to preserve their hair color without sustaining extra damage from the sun.

While gray hair is particularly discolored from UV rays, having a UV filter in conditioner is beneficial for all hair colors and types, as the sun tends to decrease the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.

While L’Oréal doesn’t specifically sell their box dye conditioner separately, they do have a line of color repair conditioner meant to bring life back to hair that has been damaged by coloring.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Rapid Reviver Deep Conditioner has an impressive 4.5 star rating across many different shopping platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

What Kind Of Conditioner Is In Feria Hair Color?

If you’ve ever browsed the hair dye section there is no doubt you’ve seen the Feria boxes with vibrant hues of electric blue, hot pink, and stunning silver. Despite Feria being owned and manufactured by L’Oréal, their conditioners are quite different.

While many customers have complained that Feria has switched up their conditioning formulas upwards of 3 times, the most recent conditioner you’ll find in their hair dye boxes is the Shimmering Conditioner.

Previously, many reviews of both happy and unhappy customers still contained a universal love for the previous two conditioning formulas. However, many are still on the fence about the third formula.

According to customers who have taken a deep dive into the ingredients of L’Oréal Feria’s newest Shimmering Conditioner, ingredients have been changed. For example, Candelilla Wax—an ingredient previously taken out has reappeared.

While the word “wax” might immediately scare you, never fear. This wax is actually extremely beneficial for hair as it provides an incredible amount of nutrition and is easily absorbed to provide maximum nourishment and protection.

While Candelilla Wax is a win-win for everyone, ingredients such as Behentrimonium Chloride (used to manage frizz) and Amodimethicone (a lighter silicone) have been taken out, causing some unsatisfied returning customers.

What Kind Of Conditioner Should I Use After Dyeing My Hair?

There really isn’t any firm set of rules when it comes to what type of conditioner is best to use after dyeing. Using the conditioner provided for you in the box will give you the extra boost of nourishment and damage control your hair needs after dyeing.

Since they contain higher levels of ingredients than any conditioner you can find on the shelf, this conditioner is your best bet. However, if for whatever reason this isn’t an option, or you need more than what is provided, using your own conditioner is perfectly safe to do.

Here are 5 of the best conditioners to use after dyeing your hair:

L’Oréal EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Conditioner

Sulfates and parabens are known to cause dryness and strip color much faster from hair. This conditioner is free of both ingredients, helping retain hair color during the fragile after-care period.

Rita Hazen True Color Conditioner

Using natural ingredients such as Japanese camellia oil, this conditioner provides extra moisture for dry, frizzy, or damaged hair.

Nexxus Color Assure Conditioner

Part of the Vibrancy Retention Collection, this conditioner infused with White Orchid Extract is specifically designed to trap and seal in color and nutrients leaving hair silky smooth.

Pantene Illuminating Color Care Conditioner

Hair superfood ingredient Biotin is packed into this conditioner along with vitamin B5 offering protection and nourishment. In addition, it is sulfate-free, preventing any color from stripping.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner

While Redken can be on the pricier side, professional hair stylists swear by it to always deliver top-notch results. In addition to color care and moisture retention, this conditioner helps to detangle hair leaving it as smooth as possible.

Final Thoughts: Where Do I Buy The Conditioner That Comes In Hair Dye Boxes?

While it may seem unfair that only boxed hair dyes contain conditioners seeming to be straight from the Gods themselves, there’s a reason for it.

Using conditioners with high levels of silicone (such as the ones found in boxed dyes) for extended periods of time can actually do more damage than good.

Silicone when used properly is a great, non-toxic ingredient meant to seal and protect hair strands and lock in color and moisture. However, these high levels of silicone when NOT used sparingly can cause buildup, dryness, and dull overall appearance.

Due to these unfortunate side effects, the majority of hair care companies have released similar but not exact dupes for their highly sought-after conditioners.

If you truly cannot live without your box dye conditioners, the only option realistically would be to wait until hair dyes go on clearance and buy them up to get that baby-soft feel in your locks again.


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