Can You Go On Sunbeds After Hair Dye?

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Can you go on sunbeds after hair dye? Yes! Your tanning routine doesn’t have to change just because you dyed your hair or lightened it. Going on a sunbed after getting your hair dyed is perfectly okay in most cases.

Just make sure to take the proper precautions, like always wearing a protective bonnet cap, applying sunscreen to your face, ears and neck, and limiting the amount of time you spend under the lamp. Also, hydrate! Drinking enough water will keep your hair and scalp from drying out.

Can You Go On A Sunbed After Dyeing Your Hair?

You most definitely can go to a sunbed after getting your hair dyed or lightened. If your hair is healthy and everything with the dyeing process went okay, then you can go to a sunbed without any issues. There are some times when you should avoid a sunbed after getting your hair dyed.

If something happened and your scalp or hair got burnt then you should avoid the sunbed. Heat being on it will just make the damage much worse. Also, going on a sunbed can lighten hair faster, which means if your hair was dyed then the longevity of it may be compromised if you are going to a sunbed.

Does A Tanning Bed Make Your Hair Lighter?

Tanning beds are like the sun in the sense that they make the skin darker and the hair lighter. Hair reacts in the same way that your skin does when exposed to light, but it gets lighter rather than darker. This is because hair is made from dead cells and so your hair takes a hit from ultraviolet (UV) tanning beds.

Are Tanning Beds Bad For Blonde Hair?

Tanning beds can be quite bad for blonde hair. Tanning beds can be damaging to the hair no matter what color, so if the hair is blonde, then it can take in extra damage. This is because blonde hair is already stripped away to appear blonde so when the light hits the hair it has no protection at all.

Can UV Dry Out Hair?

UV can dry out hair. UV, no matter where it comes from, can dry out your hair if it is overly exposed. Going to a tanning bed consistently or being out in the sun for hours will expose your hair to UV rays and could cause problems for your hair. You can protect your hair though so you can still keep your tanning routine while also getting your hair dyed.

How Do I Protect My Hair While Tanning?

Protecting your hair while tanning is important because it can be fragile already and UV exposure will make it much worse. Your hair needs some sort of barrier to protect it from UV light. There are a few different ways that you can do this.

Shower Cap

You can wear a shower cap to protect your hair when you are using a tanning bed. This will help keep the heat directly off your hair. It’s best to get a darker colored shower cap as opposed to a clear one, just to ensure that your hair is getting all the protection it can.


A hair towel can also be used to help protect your hair. This is basically the same concept as the shower cap. It helps keep the UV light from directly hitting your hair.


Some sort of hat or beanie can be used to help protect your hair from the heat and UV. You may be warmer than usual in the tanning bed if using a beanie, so just keep that in mind.

Headscarf Or Bandana

A headscarf or bandana will be cooler than a towel or beanie, but will still protect your hair.

Conditioners Or Serums

There are some conditioners on the market that help to protect your hair from UV light exposure and/or heat exposure. Just use the conditioners or serums before you hit the tanning bed and it will help to give protection if you don’t want to wear something to cover it. For maximum protection use a conditioner or serum and also something to cover your hair.

Can I Go In The Sun With Dyed Hair?

Going in the sun with dyed hair is possible, however longer periods of time are not recommended after you’ve just dyed your hair. This is to protect it from heat and UV light exposure that can cause extra burning or irritation to the scalp and hair. The dyeing process is a little damaging to hair, so keeping it indoors away from the external environment is smart.

You shouldn’t go outside with hair dye still processed. This is because the sun can actually speed up the process making your hair take more damage in a shorter period of time than normal. Plus the sun can ultimately cause more damage. Not to mention, the sun can oxidize hair dyes which means the color might change.

How Can I Protect My Dyed Hair In The Sun?

If you have color treated hair then you might be wondering how you can protect it in the sun. Protecting your hair from the sun is important and everyone with color treated hair should do it. Here are a few ways you can protect your dyed hair from the sun.

Color Preserving Hair Care Routine

You should always use color-preserving shampoos and conditioners. This will help to not strip away the color of your hair and make it less susceptible to UV damage from the sun.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners will help to give your hair a barrier on top so that it gives you some protection from the sun. This will also help to nourish your hair and prevent it from drying too much.

Cover Your Hair

Cover your hair with a bandana, headscarf, hat, towel, or shower cap. This will give an ultimate barrier between your hair and the sun. This prevents it from getting too damaged and also getting lightened and losing color from the sun.

Final Thoughts: Can You Go On Sunbeds After Hair Dye?

Overall, if you have dyed hair you should make sure to protect it before going on a sunbed or out in the sun for extended amounts of time. Your hair needs a protective barrier to prevent damage and fading of the hair.

Going on sunbeds after dyeing your hair is okay, but you should take proper precautions to ensure the longevity of the color as well as the health of your hair. Just remember to always start with a color-protective hair care routine.


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