How Long Do You Leave Ion Hair Dye In Your Hair?

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How long do you leave Ion hair dye in your hair? This is a common question for anyone wanting to color their hair with Ion hair dye. The answer is that Ion hair dye should be left in your hair for 20-45 minutes. Ultimately it really depends on whether you’re using Ion semi-permanent or permanent hair color.

Semi-permanent hair dyes are just as effective as permanent hair dyes, but they will not last as long. This means that they are a good option for people who want to change their hair color but do not want to commit to a new color for a long period of time.

In this post we take a look at some of the main differences between Ion semi-permanent and permanent hair dye so that you can decide which one is best for you.

How Long Do You Leave Ion Semi-Permanent Dye In Your Hair? 

If you are using Ion semi-permanent hair dye then you should be leaving it in for approximately between 20 and 40 minutes. The amount of time depends on how dark you are trying to go and if your hair is previously colored.

If you are trying to achieve a light color then 20 minutes should be sufficient but if you want a darker color then you will need to leave it in for longer. Remember to always check the color of your hair as you continue the process to make sure that it is the desired color you want.

You can also place a processing cap or plastic shower cap over your hair to trap in the heat, which helps the processing of the hair dye. Be sure to carefully follow all instructions when using Ion semi-permanent hair dye.

How Long Should I Leave Ion Permanent Hair Color In My Hair? 

Ion permanent hair dye should be left in your hair for a minimum of 25 minutes and no longer than 45 minutes. The time you leave the dye in depends on the texture and porosity of your hair.

For example, if you have thin, fine hair, it will likely take less time than if you have thick, coarse hair. In general, fine hair needs 25-30 minutes, while average hair needs 35-40 minutes. If you’re covering resistant gray or have coarse hair, then leave it in for 40-45 minutes.

How long you leave the dye in also depends on the volume of developer you use. Therefore, when using Ion permanent hair dye, follow the instructions on the box and be sure to only use Ion developer for best results.

As you dye your hair, keep an eye on the color to make sure it’s coming out the way you want it to. You can also start with a strand test so you know how long to leave it in for and what color it will be.  

Does Ion Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Fade? 

Ion semi-permanent hair dye does indeed fade over time just like most other semi-permanent hair dyes. The amount of time it takes for the color to fade will vary depending on often you wash your hair, but typically, Ion semi-permanent hair dyes will last anywhere from 6 to 10 shampoos before beginning to fade.

Ion semi-permanent hair dye will slowly wash out as you shampoo your hair. More frequent hair washes will fade the hair dye quicker than washing your hair less frequently. Ion semi-permanent hair dye stays vibrant for weeks on end but essentially it does fade like most other semi-permanent hair dyes.

If you want to keep your hair dye from fading as easily then you should make sure to use cold water to wash your hair, wash your hair less frequently (1-2x/week), and use color safe hair products to protect your hair color.

Does Ion Permanent Hair Dye Fade?  

Ion permanent hair dye is designed to stay vibrant and not fade over time. However, it still doesn’t last forever. Worst case scenario, if you frequently wash your hair, Ion permanent dye can start fading within a few weeks.

To prevent this from happening, wash your hair every other day at most, or, ideally every 2-3 days. Overall, you won’t see much fading with Ion permanent hair dye because of how deep it penetrates into the hair shaft to apply the color. The color lasts until the hair is replaced by new growth.

Ion permanent hair dye has very long lasting results that don’t seem to fade. If you take care of your hair and use the right products, you can have vibrant lasting color, at least until the roots grow. On most heads of hair, touch ups are usually needed every 6-8 weeks.

Is Ion Semi-Permanent Hair Color Damaging? 

Ion semi-permanent hair dye is not very damaging to your hair because it doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide. Ion semi-permanent hair dye is of course, semi-permanent so the effects of this hair dye are not very potent.

Unlike Ion permanent hair dye, Ion semi-permanent hair dye does not penetrate the hair shaft, it simply deposits color onto the hair shaft. You may need to touch up your hair more often, but you shouldn’t worry too much about damaging your hair.

If you are worried then you can use a deep conditioning treatment for your hair to ensure your hair is not being stripped of any natural oils or anything that it needs. 

Is Ion Permanent Hair Color Damaging? 

Ion permanent hair dye can be a bit more damaging to your hair, but this isn’t always the case. Permanent hair dye penetrates the hair shaft which can cause damage by breaking the disulfide bonds that hold the protein strands together. This leaves your color treated hair dry, brittle, and more prone to damage and breakage.

But worry not, Ion permanent hair dye is formulated to cause the least amount of damage and as long as you follow the directions you will have damage free hair. Ion permanent hair dye is ideal for those who want to avoid dyeing their hair too often, this gives your hair time to recover from the dyeing process.

Keep your hair hydrated and moisturized with deep conditioners. Also, remember that if you have hair that is already damaged, then the permanent hair dye will further damage it, making it more susceptible to breakage.

Do You Need Developer For Ion Hair Dye? 

So, do you need developer for ion hair dye? Well, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no—it all comes down to whether you’re using Ion semi-permanent or permanent hair color.

If you’re using Ion semi-permanent hair dye, then no, you don’t need developer. You can simply apply the hair dye to your hair and let it process for the recommended amount of time. However, if you’re using Ion permanent hair dye, then yes, you will need developer.

The developer helps to open up the hair cuticle so that the hair color can penetrate the hair shaft and deposit color. You can either buy Ion developer separately or you can buy a Ion hair color kit that includes both the hair color and the developer.

Can You Use Ion Hair Dye On Wet Hair? 

To answer this in short, yes you can use Ion hair dye on wet hair. This may not be the best choice though. Wet hair can be dyed but the results will not be the same when dyeing your hair dry.

If you dye wet hair then you won’t have as much control over the color which can make for an uneven color payoff. If you want to dye your hair while it’s wet then you should leave your hair damp, but not dripping. 

Do You Wash Out Ion Hair Dye With Shampoo? 

If you use Ion permanent hair dye, you can shampoo the dye out. You should also use a conditioner as well. Sometimes the dyeing process is harsh on the hair so using a conditioner afterwards will help to give your hair back some of its moisture.

On the flip side, if you use Ion semi-permanent hair dye, you shouldn’t wash it out with shampoo because it’ll strip the color film deposited by the dye. Instead, try a thorough rinse with cool water, as hot water could cause some of the color to bleed.

Moreover, you should only shampoo your hair 3 days after coloring. This will ensure that the color is deposited correctly in your hair and won’t fade away.

Final Thoughts: How Long Do You Leave Ion Hair Dye In Your Hair?

You should not process Ion hair color for longer than 45 minutes, 20-45 minutes is the ideal time frame. Leaving Ion hair color in longer than recommended can cause serious damage to your hair or even scalp burns. When using Ion hair color, always be sure to follow the recommended processing time.

Leaving Ion hair color in for longer than recommended will not make your hair color any more vibrant or last any longer. Ion hair dye is easy to use—simply follow the directions on the box for more information about how long to leave the color in your hair.

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