Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off?

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Why do my Polygel nails pop off? If you are an avid Polygel nail lover and user then you’ve probably experienced a few issues with them which could include them popping off. There are a lot of things that can be done to prevent your Polygel nails from easily popping off.

We are going to go over why Polygel nails might pop off and also give many tips on how you can prevent this from happening. Let’s go ahead and dive into this to get all of your questions answered and make your Polygel experience even better. 

Why Do My Polygel Nails Keep Falling Off?

If your Polygel nails keep falling off, it is likely because the Polygel was not applied correctly or the nails were not properly prepared before application. Polygel nails rely heavily on nail prep to achieve longevity.

Typically when someone goes to get Polygel nails done in a salon the nail artist will prep the nails. When doing Polygel at home the same applies. So what exactly does it mean to prep your nails? Well, nail prep is super important for any type of false nails that you’re trying to apply.

If you don’t do a good job of prepping your nails, it will be really difficult to get the Polygel to stay on. Prepping your nails first starts off by making sure your nails are clean and free of water and oils. Wiping your nails down and then drying them off is the best way to achieve this.

If there is any debris or oils, your Polygel nails won’t stick properly. You can use a nail prepper to help clean off your nails.  Next, it’s important to roughen up your nails. You want to roughen up your nails with a nail buffer. This helps to make the nail super rough and it ensures that the Polygel will adhere better.

I recommend using a white buffer with no more than 180 grit. If the nail is too smooth then the Polygel has nothing to adhere or attach to. When applying nail tips, be sure to use the right size for the best results. Measure the nail tip to your natural nail first and file it down to ensure that it matches perfectly with your nail.

Nail tips that are not properly fitted to your nails have a high chance of popping off much easier. You can also add a bit more Polygel and also let it cure longer to ensure that the Polygel is secure and will last longer. 

Does Polygel Need A Base Coat? 

A base coat when using Polygel is quite important. A base coat is typically applied after prepping your nails but before applying Polygel. The base coat leaves a tacky base to apply your Polygel nails. It works as an adhesive to make the Polygel adhere to your natural nails better.

If you don’t use a base coat, your Polygel won’t last as long as it should. There are some alternatives that you can use instead of a base coat for Polygel, but it’s important to know that for the longevity of your Polygel you should opt for a gel base coat. This will help to keep your Polygel on your nail longer, and prevent it from chipping or popping off.

Can I Use Water As A Slip Solution For Polygel?

Typically with Polygel nails, there will be some sort of slip solution. The slip solution is used to make the Polygel thinner in order to make it more malleable. Polygel must be evenly distributed on the nail, so a slip solution must be added to it to help spread it around.

Sometimes a slip solution isn’t available and you might be wondering about alternatives. Well, water is not a great alternative to a slip solution. This is because water doesn’t mix well with Polygel and it can interfere with the curing process which makes the Polygel not last as long. 

A slip solution that is normally bought alongside Polygel is made mostly from alcohol. So if you’re looking for some sort of slip solution alternative then you should use alcohol of 70% or higher. This is the closest thing to a slip solution and it will give you the same effect without compromising the curing process of the Polygel. 

For more detailed information on what Polygel slip solution is, how to use it, and more, read our post titled “What Is Slip Solution For Polygel?”

How Do I Stop My Polygel Nails From Falling Off? 

If you have an issue with your Polygel nails falling off then there are a few things you can definitely do to improve the longevity of your nails. First off, like mentioned above, prepping your nail is extremely important when it comes to preventing your Polygel nails from popping off.

Making sure that your nails are clean and dry before applying the Polygel is essential. Also, roughening up your nails is great to help adhere the Polygel to your nails. Applying a base coat of some sort is important when working with Polygel nails. You want to use a base coat that leaves a sticky residue so that it will help to adhere to the Polygel. 

Letting your Polygel cure for a bit longer than usual can also help with your nails falling off. Polygel nails use a slip solution with it, but if the slip solution does not dry completely then that could compromise the lifespan of your nails as well.

Allowing each step of the Polygel nail process to fully cure and dry will ensure a stronger base on your nails. Another reason that your nails may keep falling off is that they are too long. If your nails are too long, they have more of a chance of popping off. This is true for almost all nail types as well. 

Final Thoughts: Why Do My Polygel Nails Pop Off?

Overall, it is important to keep your Polygel nails from falling off, whether you get them done or do them yourself. Polygel is a great option for false nails and it can last a while as long as the proper upkeep and prep are put into it.

Remember that prepping your natural nails first is very important step in ensuring that your Polygel stays on for an adequate amount of time. You should always ensure that your nails are clean and free of any polish or residue, with no cracks or ridges present.

To keep your Polygel nails looking their best for as long as possible, prep your nails, use a base coat and slip solution, and don’t make them too long. Longer nails are more likely to break and come off than shorter nails.

It is normal for Polygel nails to pop off, but there are ways to extend their lifespan. To extend the lifespan of your Polygel nails, take care to avoid activities that could damage them, such as typing on a keyboard or opening a can with your fingers. Also, be sure to apply a top coat every few days to keep them looking shiny and new.

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