How To Get Eyelash Glue Off Quickly And Easily

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Want to know how to get eyelash glue off fast? You can either use warm water or an oil-based makeup remover on a cotton swab. While the specific method is entirely dependent on individual preferences, you can be sure that either one will do the trick to get eyelash glue off fast.

Below, this article will go in-depth about the safe and effective ways to remove eyelash glue, including removal methods that could be done with items found in most homes.

These options will cover both false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, unless in the cases where it is explicitly stated so. Remember: When in doubt, make an appointment with your preferred esthetician or cosmetologist.

How Do You Remove Eyelash Glue From Eyelashes?

There are two common ways to remove eyelash glue from eyelashes. One is warm water on a Q-tip or a cotton swab; the heat softens the glue while the swab provides a means to reach areas that a standard cotton ball would be unable to thoroughly address.

This method is most effective on eyelash glue that is not waterproof, and you will need to follow through with your usual makeup removing regime afterwards. Another frequently used method is an oil-based makeup remover on a Q-tip or cotton swab.

There are tons of oil-based makeup removers out there to choose from with many selections being advertised to specifically work against removing eyelash glue, so you won’t have too hard of a time picking out a favorite.

It should be noted that if you already have oily skin then you should avoid makeup remover that is oil-based to avoid any breakouts. Meanwhile, people have found that at-home oils like coconut and olive oil are also effective in removing eyelash glue, though these should be used with care and in liberation.

Pure oils can clog your pores while sealing dirt and microscopic debris along your lashes, in turn causing eye infections. If you do choose to use the oils found in your pantry, thoroughly wash your lashes off afterwards with your preferred (eye-safe) makeup remover or a warm water rinse.

Can Vaseline Remove Eyelash Glue?

Yes, Vaseline can possibly remove eyelash glue. The formula is undoubtedly powerful enough to break the strong bond between the false eyelashes and your natural lashes while adding moisture to both the lash and surrounding skin.

Saying this, Vaseline should be approached with a similar caution as when using pure oils for glue removal. As an exceedingly heavy and thick product, Vaseline is known to cause clogged pores and lead to a series of eye infections if not used with care around the eye area.

According to an article from Women’s Health, Vaseline along with baby oil (and any other oil, really) are a big no-no when it comes to removing eyelash glue. Despite being genuinely effective, all of the above can lead to complications with eye infections and should be avoided as a result. With your health, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Listen to the professionals and shirk away from using any sort of petroleum jelly and/or oil when you can. Whereas some instances can be unavoidable if you have no other way, use a cleanser after and keep note of any developing symptoms that could possibly hint at an eye infection.

What Home Remedies Remove Eyelash Glue?

If you do not have any quality makeup remover on hand, there are two easy common home remedies to remove eyelash glue. The easiest of them by far is taking a warm shower and gently rubbing your lash line with a wet washcloth.

In this case, you can expect to use water that is warm enough to produce steam. Also, a simple steamer is just as effective. The steam from both methods will loosen the adherence and make for a quick and easy removal.

Likewise, this method is also effective for removing eyelash extensions; although the extensions will not likely all fall out during this time, it will certainly speed up the shedding process. This is also the case for using anything that has oils on eyelash extensions: They will be loosened, and eventually come out.

Yet, this does not mean pull on your eyelashes to try and remove stubborn extensions. Pulling and picking at extensions could damage your natural lashes, so you should avoid doing so. Additionally, please do not use tweezers; they can do more harm than help in the long run.

If you end up breaking the skin on your eyelid, no matter how minor the cut may seem, you will not be able to wear eye makeup (not just eyeshadow) until the wound is healed. To save your eyelids, lashes, and your daily beauty routine, see a professional to remove any unwanted eyelash extensions.

How Do You Get Eyelash Extension Glue Off Your Skin?

You can use an approved eyelash extension glue remover (also called a dissolver) to get it off of your skin. In the instance that you may get wayward extension glue on yourself or a client, it is important not to panic. Analyze the situation, taking note of the location and the extent of the spill, and act accordingly.

If the glue covers a significantly large or hard-to-reach area, you may want to wait until the glue has hardened fully prior to taking steps to remove it. Otherwise, if you are able to, it is recommended to soak the spill in cool water to hasten the hardening effect. Once the glue has solidified, you should take the glue remover of your choice and gently apply it to the affected area with a lint-free applicator.

A majority of the time, you will be able to find extension glue remover in both a cream and a gel form. For more control over the product a cream would work the best, though gel remover is just as efficient. To save you time, brands that carry cream eyelash glue remover include LivBay Lash, GladGirl, Bella Lash, and Stacy Lash.

Some of these do come artificially scented, so double-check your shopping cart before you purchase if you have a sensitivity to strong smells. Of course, there are scentless options as well if you don’t want your eyes to smell like roses.

Similarly, gel eyelash glue removers are carried in brands like Ardell, Kiss, and Existing Beauty Lashes. Also, LivBay Lash and GladGirl both have gel versions of their lash glue removers. Unlike their creamy counterparts, gel glue removers tend to not be perfumed. Although it is always good to check, you are unlikely to get any sort of scent-related irritation from these removers.

How Do You Get Eyelash Glue Off Your Eyelid Without Makeup Remover?

Eyelash glue can be removed from your eyelid without makeup remover. In fact, most products needed can be found in your pantry, medicine cabinet, or makeup bag. First things first, do not pick at the glue. Pinching an eyelid is no fun business, and more often than not you will end up pinching your eyelid rather than actually snagging the glue.

Instead, try taking a warm shower, or applying some warm water with a cotton swab to the glue. The warmth should be enough to begin to loosen the glue bonds. To simply put it, eyelash glue does not like heat. At all. Of any kind. Warm water is the safest way to use this approach on your eyes, although some beauty gurus and estheticians recommend using a facial steamer.

They both work off the same idea: that adhesives and heat do not play nicely together. Similarly, any natural oils (when exercised with care) work just as well. While most folk have coconut and olive oil on hand, Argan oil is also known to be effective in glue removal. However, others prefer the slow-acting castor oil compared to other oily options.

Another method to remove eyelash glue off of your eyelid that may be found in your home is eye cream. This heavy cream often is infused with various oils and serums that are proven beneficial (and safe) for the sensitive skin that surrounds your eyes and make up your eyelids.

Running off of the idea that oil dissolves and slickens the bonding caused by the glue to hold, it would be no surprise that eye cream could work for removing any remaining eyelash glue without pulling at the skin.

Final Thoughts: How To Get Eyelash Glue Off Quickly And Easily

After reviewing all of this information, it is important to cover some of the most vital takeaways. More than anything, never pick, pull, tweeze, or otherwise forcibly remove stubborn fake eyelash glue.

Not only will this cause inflammation, but it can also lead to loss of your natural eyelashes and cuts or scratches on your eyelid, the latter most of which means no eye makeup for the foreseeable future (pun intended). For standard false eyelash glue that remains stuck to the skin and your natural lashes, you have a few methods to choose from to remove it.

For example, warm water and steam are great options to loosen the glue. Coincidentally, those of you that may have access to oil-based makeup removers and/or cleansers, you may find that those work best based on your preferences. However, if you are prone to oily skin or breakouts, you may want to avoid this method to avoid any inflammation.

Now, home remedies or hacks can call in the aid of coconut, olive, and castor oil; or a petroleum jelly, like Vaseline; or even baby oil. These are often discredited by most experts because of their habit of giving eye infections like bacterial pink eye.

Though, there are some brave souls out there that are willing to risk it all to get that stubborn lash glue off and honestly, I cannot blame you wholly. Desperate times call for desperate measures! That being said, using at-home hacks should be followed through with your usual skin-care regime.

Try to remove as much greasy, oily residue as you can from your eyelashes. This aftercare can possibly save you a trip to the doctors. Also, just because this worked once does not necessarily mean it is okay to make a habit out of it: The risk of an eye infection will always be there, no matter how wonderfully lucky you are.


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