Can You Use Hair Glue For Eyelash Extensions?

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Can you use hair glue for eyelash extensions? It’s better that you don’t! Don’t get us wrong: hair glue can absolutely get the job done. Some people swear by it—even prefer it—to the usual glue used for extensions.

Nonetheless, there are risks to using hair glue on your eyelashes. In this article, we’ll address potential risks and figure out what glue is best for eyelash extensions. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Can Hair Glue Be Used For Eyelashes?

Truth be told, it’s complicated. Hair glue is a popular go-to for many people to replace standard eyelash glue. And, that probably isn’t the best idea. Sure, it works, but it is very risky. Hair glue is used for securing wigs, weaves, and hair extensions.

In general, hair bonding adhesives clearly state on their label that they are not for use on the eyes. Some individuals think that if they do not have an immediate reaction then they’re in the clear. Spoiler alert: that is totally not the case. 

Regardless of the amount of time you use a product, a delayed reaction can still happen. Sometimes, a person can experience immediate irritation. Other times, the reaction can occur the next day.

A woman in Indiana experienced swollen, runny eyes after getting her eyelash extensions done with hair glue. The salon in question is on the record for using hair glue for their extensions. Despite the adverse reaction, eyelash extensions are not regulated in Indiana.

If you don’t experience immediate irritation then you may just be lucky. If hair glue does manage to get into your eyes, you need to act immediately. Your eye is made up of delicate tissues. Flush your eye with warm water and get in contact with your local poison control for your next actions.

Depending on the glue used for lash extensions, someone can suffer from corneal abrasions or burns. Others may lose their eyesight. Meanwhile, some lucky few can walk away unscathed. As a rule of thumb, stick to using products only as they’re recommended.

Read the warning labels to avoid any disastrous outcome. Similarly, stick with a licensed professional for all your beauty treatments. You should verify the legitimacy of the salon and the credentials of your lash technician before treatment.

If an infamously expensive procedure like eyelash extensions is being offered at a significantly reduced price ($20 compared to $200), there may be an underlying catch.

Can You Use Elmer’s Glue As Eyelash Glue?

No, you cannot use Elmer’s glue as eyelash glue. Famously non-toxic, Elmer’s glue is frequently used in school rooms for projects. It is commonplace, accessible, and great for crafts. That being said, no way is Elmer’s glue appropriate for use around the eyes.

Standing alone, an adhesive element can be a threat to your eyes. This includes nail glue, superglue, Elmer’s glue, and yes, even eyelash glue. Generally, those glues formulated for eyelashes are medical-grade and safe when applied by a professional.

Although reactions can occur, the risk is significantly lowered when working with a licensed technician. However, Elmer’s glue and any other adhesive not formulated for use around the eyes can be dangerous.

If not dangerous, then they certainly will fall flat performance-wise. Common eyelash adhesives are formulated to be fast-drying, which Elmer’s glue notoriously is not.

By the same token, Elmer’s glue can easily come loose, dislodging lashes within a short time. Again, never use products around the sensitive skin of your eyes that are not intended for use. It can be dangerous and lead to complications.

If you do get glue of any kind in your eyes, we recommend immediately flushing your eyes and contacting your local poison control. In the case of your eyelids becoming glued together, never force them apart. 

Can You Use Regular Eyelash Glue For Eyelash Extensions?

Although plausible for one-day-only individual eyelashes, it is not realistic to use eyelash glue for eyelash extensions. Standard lash glue is used above the lash line.

It is not intended to come in contact with your actual lashes. Using regular glue for extensions will make the overall hold weak. On top of this, they are more likely to damage your natural lashes on removal.

For a detailed guide on creative alternatives to regular eyelash glue, false eyelashes, and eyelash extensions. Read our post titled “What Can I Use Instead Of Eyelash Glue?

What Is The Best Glue For Eyelash Extensions?

The best glue for eyelash extensions is one including ethyl cyanoacrylate. As the main ingredient in most professional eyelash glues, ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesives tend to be medical-grade.

Medical-grade products are tested for biocompatibility and have lowered risks of negative reactions. Likewise, medical-grade glue has passed a series of tests to verify its effectiveness.

Comparatively, you may find that you’d prefer a lash glue that is more tailored to your needs. If you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to strong scents, a gentler formula may be required. Some people also prefer their adhesive for eyelash extensions to be fast-drying.

On another hand, some prioritize retention and won’t go anywhere near an adhesive that can’t provide them with 7 weeks of flawless lashes. Whatever glue you choose, keep in mind your personal preferences. What works for your bestie won’t necessarily work for you.

Final Thoughts: Can You Use Hair Glue For Eyelash Extensions?

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the article. Now that we’re at the end, let’s recap. Hair glue, or hair bonding adhesive, is usually used when securing wigs, extensions, and weaves. It is not approved for use around the eyes.

Although risky, some out there swear by hair glue for eyelash extensions. Sure, it is effective, if you ignore the risk posed to your eyes. Your eyes are delicate and prone to scratching and irritation.

If glue accidentally makes it into the eye, you can get a corneal scratch or a corneal burn. In more extreme cases, some people can become blind altogether.

You should never use anything unapproved for use around the eyes if you can help it. On that note, products like Elmer’s glue or standard lash glue aren’t effective for lash extensions.

Neither are as safe or long-lasting as a professional, medical-grade adhesive. Keep in mind that some states do not regulate beauty procedures like eyelash extensions.

The lack of laws and restrictions leaves the door open for some shady practices. Stay safe out there when exploring the beauty world, because if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!


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