Lash Extensions vs False Lashes: How To Decide?

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Lash extensions vs false lashes: How do I choose? If you want beautiful fluttery eyelashes. Both options are great. It comes down to your budget, schedule, and personal taste.

But, what’s the difference? And, which option is better? Let’s discuss both options in further detail. Lash extensions and false lashes have become a must-have, everyday accessory.

It’s all about lash extensions and false lashes. Women crave long, luscious lashes. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner love them. Even the girl at the grocery store checkout is wearing a full set of lashes every day.

Lash Extensions vs False Lashes: Application

How are they applied?

False Eyelashes: Application

Normally, falsies can either be applied at home by yourself or by a lash artist.

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With that said, you will need a set of false lashes, glue, and false lash applicators. In short, simply glue the false lashes along your natural lash line. And, voilà! Job done.

Eyelash Extensions: Application

eyelash extension procedure

On the other hand, lash extensions are always done by a lash artist. Normally, the process can take as long as two hours. Whereas, false lashes can be done in less than ten minutes.

Lash Extensions vs False Lashes: Risks

Are they safe? What are the risks?

False Eyelashes: Risks

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Most eye cosmetics are safe when used properly. However, false lashes pose a serious health risk. In particular, unclean and low-quality false lashes typically cause infection.

While, false eyelash glues may also cause eye irritation and in rare cases, blindness. First and foremost, to reduce the risks, eyelash hygiene is necessary as regular cleaning prevents bacterial infections.

And, more critically, always use high-quality and anti-allergy false lashes and glues. That said, if you prefer an alternative to eyelash adhesive. Read our post titled “What Can I Use Instead Of Eyelash Glue?

Eyelash Extensions: Risks

close-up of woman's eye undergoing a lash extension procedure

Likewise, lash extensions are not much better either. By and large, unlicensed lash artists pose a serious health risk. For instance, if the tools aren’t clean you can get eye infections.

Moreover, other related health risks include allergic reactions and the loss of natural eyelashes. Therefore, as a general rule, always check for proper hygienic conditions.

And, importantly, always confirm that the provider is a currently licensed lash artist. Additionally, please visit the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website for more eye cosmetic safety tips.

Lash Extensions vs False Lashes: Cost

How much do they cost?

Eyelash Extensions: Cost

Lash extensions are quite expensive. All in all, an initial full-set lash application will cost between $150-$500. In addition to this, monthly maintenance and refills will cost between $50-$70 per session.

woman getting eyelash extensions applied

Alternatively, it will cost between $20-$30 to get them removed.

False Eyelashes: Cost

close-up of false eyelashes

In contrast, false eyelashes are dirt cheap and cost between $3-$20.

Lash Extensions vs False Lashes: Appearance

Do they vary in size? Can you achieve different looks?

False Eyelashes: Appearance

Overall, false eyelashes vary a lot in terms of appearance. And, you can choose sets of falsies from a wide variety of designs, lengths, and thicknesses.

false eyelashes in packs

Eyelash Extensions: Appearance

In contrast, eyelash extensions do not vary as much in appearance. However, eyelash extensions are not one-size-fits-all. And, can vary in terms of length and fullness.

different lash extension lengths and sizes

Eyelash extensions often look more natural than false eyelashes. However, you still can buy false eyelashes that look like eyelash extensions.

Lash Extensions vs False Lashes: Maintenance

False lashes are simple to maintain and easy to remove. Moreover, you simply take them off when you are removing your make-up. Above all, always ensure you remove any excess glue.

On the other hand, maintenance is trickier for lash extensions. Firstly, you can’t get lash extensions wet for 48 hours after getting them done.

Secondly, it is also important that you avoid oil cleansers and cotton pads. And lastly, wearing mascara is generally a no-go with lash extensions.

How Often Do You Need To Get Them Redone?

How long do they last?

False Eyelashes: Durability

Generally, most false lashes should be thrown out after just one use. However, this can be costly, if, for example, you are wearing false eyelashes every day.

woman using a false lash applicator

Eyelash Extensions: Durability

In contrast, lash extensions tend to last a lot longer than false lashes. Generally, eyelash extensions usually last about 6 weeks before needing to be reapplied.

eyelash extension procedure at salon

Can You Wear False Eyelashes With Eyelash Extensions?

The short answer is no. Glue from false eyelashes hardens in your eyelash extensions. Consequently, causing damage to your eyelash extensions.

And, besides, you can achieve longer and thicker lashes with one or the other. Therefore, given these points, wearing false eyelashes and eyelash extensions together is unnecessary.

What’s Better Lash Extensions Or False Lashes?

Which is the better option? Equally, both lash extensions and false lashes enhance your natural beauty.

Eyelash Extensions: Uses & Benefits

woman's eye with eyelash extensions

Do you have a busy work schedule? 6 a.m. workout? Are you going on vacation? Don’t want to worry about wearing makeup?  Then, lash extensions are a great option.

Specifically, lash extensions add volume and fullness to your natural eyelashes. And, when done correctly they look gorgeous and make you feel like a queen.

False Eyelashes: Uses & Benefits

macro shot of young woman's eye with fake lashes

Lash extensions stay on for weeks at a time. Conversely, false eyelashes are easier to apply. And, you only have to wear them a day at a time.

All things considered, false lashes are great for going on a night out with the girls or for special occasions. There are many different styles of false lashes so you can mix it up frequently.

Most importantly, you can choose when you want to have a natural look, a sexy look, or a glamorous look. Whereas, you only get this option with lash extensions when you go in for a refill.

Final Thoughts: Lash Extensions vs False Lashes

beautiful woman applying fake eyelashes with tweezers

Which option should I choose? And why? In a nutshell, both false eyelashes and eyelash extensions meet particular needs and are awesome for different reasons.

woman getting professional lash extensions done by lash technician

Most importantly, there are pros and cons to each procedure. And, by understanding the differences, you can choose what works best for you.

Lastly, please speak to local makeup artists, lash technicians, and salon stylists for further information and advice. Consulting local beauty experts will help increase your chances of getting amazing results.


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