Can You Have Eyelash Extensions During Surgery?

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Can you have eyelash extensions during surgery? No, I don’t recommend it. Many people have questions on what is allowed to be worn during surgery, including cosmetic surgeries. There are a lot of different protocols for getting prepared for surgery.

Some doctors will tell you not to wear acrylic nails or nail polish, others will tell you not to wear contact lenses or glasses. We are going to go over exactly what you can wear on your eyes for surgery and what should be completely avoided.

Is It OK To Have Eyelash Extensions During Surgery?

When going into surgery you should be aware of what you need to do to prepare. So is it ok to have eyelash extensions during surgery? The short answer is no. You should not be wearing any sort of eyelash extensions during surgery.

This is for two main reasons, the first being because they can interfere with the surgery and the cleanliness of it. Eyelash extensions are glued onto the lash line and therefore can come off.

If they enter your eye, get on any equipment or wounds then it can cause problems. The second reason is that typically during surgery, the doctors will tape your eyes shut.

They do this to keep you from opening them or blinking and something getting into them. If your eyes are taped shut and you are wearing eyelash extensions, then when the tape is removed it will pull the eyelash extensions out and could cause pain.

Do You Have To Remove False Lashes Before Surgery?

If you are a false lash wearer and have a surgery coming up, then you may be asking yourself if you should remove them before surgery. The same reasons apply here that apply to eyelash extensions.

The risk of them being pulled while your eyes are taped shut is too high, as well as if they come off they could contaminate surgery equipment.

Can You Have Eyelash Extensions During Pregnancy?

Getting eyelash extensions while you are pregnant can sound tempting, but there are a few reasons you may want to hold off until the arrival of the baby. If you are pregnant, then you may be extra sensitive to the chemical products used in eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are glued onto the lash line, which can cause problems if you are sensitive or have an allergy to the lash glue. Something else to consider is that you will be laying down for a long time.

Eyelash extensions can take anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. After week 20 of pregnancy, you should avoid laying on your back as much as possible. You can always ask the lash tech if there is any way to do the lashes while on your side.

Can You Have Eyelash Extensions During C-Sections?

C-sections are a common surgery needed among pregnant women. Wearing eyelash extensions during any type of surgery can be dangerous and unsanitary. C-sections are no different. You should not be wearing any eyelash extensions or makeup of any kind to surgery.

Can You Have Eyelash Extensions During BBL Surgery?

A BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift, is a cosmetic surgery that includes fat transfer. Like other surgeries, you should not be wearing any eyelash extensions to the surgery.

Remove all false eyelashes and eyelash extensions before going into surgery to avoid contamination. The eyelash extensions could fall out and get into a wound or somewhere else.

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Get Eyelash Extensions?

Every doctor may tell you something different, but most doctors would like you to wait at least 2-3 weeks after rhinoplasty surgery to get eyelash extensions. Waiting longer than the 3 week mark is better, though.

Getting eyelash extensions could irritate the area if any glue is dripped in the wrong place or if there are any reactions. Applying the eyelash extensions could put unnecessary pressure on areas around the rhinoplasty surgery that the doctor might want to protect.

How Long After Eyelid Surgery Can You Wear Mascara?

If you’ve had eyelid surgery, then you need to wait until the incisions heal before you wear any eye makeup or mascara. The reason for this is because you do not want anything getting into them.

Mascaras tend to harbor bacteria and if it gets into any of your incisions, then it could cause a bad infection. Always ask your doctor and get the OK before applying any eye makeup after surgery.

Can I Wear Makeup After LASIK Eye Surgery?

Wearing makeup after LASIK eye surgery is not recommended until at least the 7 day mark afterwards. You should not be wearing any eye makeup or even face makeup until one week after surgery.

Even once the 7 days are up, you should still be cautious about what you are putting near your eyes. If any makeup gets into your eyes it can cause irritation as your eyes are still very sensitive.

Also, avoid rubbing your eyes a lot when removing makeup because this can cause irritation. Moreover, throwing away and replacing your eye makeup will significantly lower your risk of infection and irritation after LASIK eye surgery.

Why Can’t I Wear Makeup During Surgery?

You can’t wear makeup during surgery for multiple reasons. One reason is that you don’t have a blink reflex, so if your eyes are left open then any makeup residue can damage your eyes. Also, if any makeup gets out, it will contaminate the operating room and tools.

Wearing eye makeup and eyelash extensions during surgery can be pointless and painful. This is because your anesthesiologist will tape down your eyelashes and removing the tape could pull out your lashes and makeup.

Why Are Eyelids Taped Shut During Surgery?

Eyes are taped during surgery because the anesthesiologist needs to ensure that your eyes are completely closed. The most common type of damage done during surgery is a corneal abrasion, which is caused by the eye drying out because the eyes are not closed all the way.

They are also taped shut to ensure that nothing goes into them. When you are under anesthesia you don’t have a blink reflex. This means that debris can more easily enter the eye because your eyelid is not protecting it.

Final Thoughts: Can You Have Eyelash Extensions During Surgery?

Overall, no you should not be wearing eyelash extensions, false lashes, or any makeup at all during surgery. This is to protect you and to make sure that your wounds are free of bacteria.

Makeup and eyelashes can potentially infect an open incision with bacteria or fungi. It’s important to come into your surgery completely free of any makeup at all on your face.

You should also avoid makeup and false eyelashes for a good amount of time after your surgery to keep the incisions protected and to ensure you heal/recover properly.


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