Why Are Eyelash Extensions So Expensive?

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Why are eyelash extensions so expensive? Eyelash extensions are quite costly because getting your lashes done is a luxury service. A skilled lash technician is required to apply the extensions and that’s not a cheap service.

If you need a good quality service then it will cost you accordingly. Quality always comes at a price, especially when it comes to beauty, the highest quality items are going to be more expensive than a lower quality product.

Lash extensions are much pricier than false lashes because the lash technician uses glue, tweezers, curlers, and an applicator to transfer individual lashes to each eyelid, much like assembling tiny pieces of jewelry.

To answer the question of why eyelash extensions are so expensive, one must consider the cost of the service and the upkeep. There are many factors that go into determining the cost of eyelash extensions. The price will depend on the lash extension material, the lash technician, and the salon.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension prices can vary by location from $100 to $500 for a full set. There are different types of eyelash extensions that determine the cost, depending on the look you want.

A classic is where an individual eyelash extension is glued at the base of each natural lash. This achieves a natural look, but lashes will appear longer and thicker than natural lashes.

Classic eyelash extensions on average can cost between $120-$150 for a full set. A full set means every natural eyelash receives an eyelash extension.

Volume eyelash extensions are a cluster of eyelash individuals that look like a fan and are glued to each natural lash, which gives more volume and a bold, dramatic look. These are the most expensive type of eyelash extensions and can cost on average $200-$350 for a set.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of both classic and volume—one natural eyelash might have one single extension while another will have a cluster.

They can cost in between a classic and a volume set. Once you know what look you want with the method (classic, hybrid, or volume), you can choose between synthetic or mink eyelash extensions.

Mink extensions are more expensive since they are lighter, finer, more flexible, and tend to last longer than synthetic lashes. You can also select how long or curly the eyelash extensions are, but this preference does not cost extra.

Why Do Eyelash Extensions Cost So Much?

Eyelash extensions are expensive because you are paying for the service. Applying individual eyelash extensions to each lash is a tedious job and takes time.

You can expect at least an hour for a classic set, even two to three hours if getting a volume set. Lash technicians do go to school to receive training and must be accredited before performing eyelash extension services.

On average, a lash technician will charge between $120 to $350 for an eyelash extension treatment. To avoid being overcharged for this service, it is best to ask what you are paying for, as well as how much the service costs before the appointment begins.

You know the classic saying, you get what you pay for? This is true when it comes to eyelash extensions. There are several factors at play that affect the cost of eyelash extensions.


You are paying for the technician’s expertise and skill level to successfully apply eyelash extensions.


Whether a lash technician is operating from a salon or a home-based studio, there are a number of running costs and overheads: rent, utilities, equipment, advertising, insurance, business fees, etc.


Well-known salons that are popular and have a proven track record with fancy decor and upscale vibes can be more expensive than a small boutique that is not very well known.


Applying eyelash extensions is a timely process, especially if applying a volume set (hand-picked fans for a volume set take more time than applying individual lashes in a classic set).


The method used to apply eyelash extensions (volume takes more time and skill to apply than a classic set) plus the quality of the eyelash extensions themselves (natural mink lashes are more expensive than synthetic ones) dictate the cost of eyelash extensions.

What is the Difference Between $65 and $120 Eyelash Extensions?

If you’re a bargain-hunter, beware of getting your lash extensions done at places that charge less. Beauty expert Tirzah Shirai shared her expert take on eyelash extensions in an interview with Refinery29.

According to her, there are many places that claim to do eyelash extensions for $65, but these places usually use heavy cluster lashes that will destroy your natural lashes.

In other words, $65 is the average price for an unimpressive, low-quality lash job that just ain’t worth it. Tirzah recommends that if you’re looking for eyelash extensions, go to a reputable place that uses individual lashes so they won’t weigh down your natural ones.

A full starter set can easily set you back between $120 and $200. That might seem expensive, but at least you’re paying for quality. Eyelash extension prices depend on the salon, location, and your lash technician.

The prices can be high due to a wide variety of factors, including the quality of the extensions, the number of extensions that are added, and the type of lashes you want.

There can be discounts available through platforms like Groupon or LivingSocial, where salons try to market their services for greater outreach by offering discounts.

This can be a cheaper way to obtain quality eyelash extensions at a fraction of the price. Just make sure to do your research because not every salon advertised does a decent job.

Yelp is another great resource to find salons that are reputable. It’s also a great tool to weed out the ones that don’t do quality work. Make sure to read reviews and understand their process before you commit.

Also, junior lash technicians that are starting out tend to be cheaper and perform the same quality work as senior technicians but may take more time to apply the lashes since they are still learning.

If you have the patience to sit through a longer session, then opting for a junior technician can also save you money for quality eyelash extensions.

The key is to do your research. Read reviews, look at the technician’s work on Instagram and Facebook, and ask friends and local forums who they would recommend in the area.

How Much Should You Tip For Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension etiquette dictates that you should tip your lash technician. Depending on where you live, it is customary to tip around 15-25% to your lash technician for good service.

Lash technicians undergo extensive training to perfect their skills, which can be likened to a form of artistry. With this in mind, they are meticulous in their approach to their craft, which is why they take immense pride in their work.

When you factor in the time, the cost of the eyelash products and equipment, overheads, and the amount of training required to complete the task, it can be easy to see why a lash technician would require a gratuity.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Well, this is a question that many people ask themselves before they decide to get eyelash extensions done. The answer to this question actually depends on the type of lashes that you get.

For instance, volume eyelash extensions can last for six to eight weeks. However, if you get classic eyelash extensions, they will only last for four to six weeks.

Moreover, every two to three weeks, you will want to get a lash refill since eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and will naturally fall out especially when the natural eyelash approaches the end of its growth cycle.

The lash technician will reattach new extensions that have fallen out or attach to the new natural lash growth. Refills are cheaper since the technician is not servicing a full set. Refills can range from $50-150 depending on the type of eyelashes and method used.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth the Cost?

Depending on your goals and budget, eyelash extensions can definitely be worth the investment. If your goal is low maintenance and not have to worry about applying fake strip lashes or mascara every day and want fuller, longer lashes, then eyelash extensions may be for you.

However, keep in mind that to maintain your new eyelash extensions, you will have to budget money and time to visit your technician on an almost biweekly or monthly basis for refills.

Also, don’t think you can cut costs by waiting until all your lashes fall out before visiting your lash technician and expecting to pay the refill price. If more than 50% of your lashes are gone, lash technicians will usually charge for a full set.

It is important to treat your lashes with care in order to preserve them in between refills by using an oil-free shampoo like baby shampoo and regularly brushing your extensions with a lash comb to prevent them from clumping and tangling.

Final Thoughts: Why Are Eyelash Extensions So Expensive?

Eyelash extensions can be worth the investment to achieve beautiful lashes with low maintenance. You may never want mascara again after having eyelash extensions. If you have the time and budget, then it doesn’t hurt to try them out once and see if you like them.

Some people will obtain eyelash extensions for special occasions while others have chosen eyelash extensions as part of their routine and have had them for years. If you do choose to buy eyelash extensions, don’t think that paying less for eyelash extensions will always save you money.

Sometimes the cost is cheap because the technician does a fast and lousy job which can cause premature lash fall out and/or uses cheap glue and poor quality lash extensions that can clump lashes together and harm your natural lashes.

A cheap eyelash extension service might save you money at first but will cost you more money in the future if they actually cause damage to your eye.

Properly applied lash extensions will not damage your natural lashes or your eyes. Do your research on the salon and its lash technicians before you make an appointment and you will soon flaunt beautiful eyelashes!


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