Why Does My Eye Feel Bruised After Eyelash Extensions?

woman suffering from a bruised eye after getting eyelash extensions

Why does my eye feel bruised after eyelash extensions? If you find yourself asking this after getting a new set of beautiful eyelash extensions, you aren’t alone!

Although this is not a normal sensation to experience, it does occasionally happen. What is important is that you don’t panic so you can get to the bottom of what is going on. 

Now, enough dilly-dallying! We’ve got to figure out why your eyes are feeling bruised. Keep reading on below and hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll have some peace of mind.

Why Does My Eye Feel Bruised After Lash Extensions?

Too much glue can cause your eye to feel bruised after lash extensions. If your eyelash technician unintentionally used an excess of adhesive, your eyes can be left feeling tight, tender, and sore.

On another hand, your eye can feel bruised after lash extensions if you had an allergic reaction. It may be difficult to pinpoint the exact problem, but we’ll do our best to help narrow it down!

First things first, check to see how your eye feels when you brush your lashes. Is it tender? Does the brush snag? If so, your technician likely used too much glue when applying your lashes.

We recommend reaching out to the technician to see about getting an adjustment. However, you may be keen to switch technicians after an experience like that. Being an eyelash technician is a tricky trade, but we wouldn’t blame you.

If you suspect an allergic reaction has occurred, there are a few things to look out for. You may notice that your eye is red. Yes, this is totally normal after lash extensions, but the redness should only last a day. Maybe even two days at max.

If the redness persists for three days or grows increasingly worse, we recommend seeking medical attention. In the instance that your eye feels bruised after eyelash extensions, keep track of your symptoms.

If your eye becomes irritated or stings after blinking, you may be allergic to the glue. Unusual discharge can also indicate an allergy. Further topical reactions can include swelling and itchiness across the entire upper and/or lower eyelids. 

How Long Do Your Eyes Stay Bruised After Eyelash Extensions? 

You can expect minor discomfort to last two to three days after eyelash extensions. Also, just to clear the air, your eyes aren’t likely bruised. They may be swollen, red, itchy, and tender to the touch, but a bruise after eyelash extensions is extremely rare.

According to WebMD, a bruise is a common skin injury that causes the skin to discolor. It happens when blood cells are damaged deep beneath the skin and collect near the surface. This results in the black and blue mark that we typically see.

Generally, the trigger for a bruise forming is impact. On that note, pulling, pinching, or forcibly stretching the skin can also lead to minor skin damage: enough to constitute a small bruise.

With all of the above in mind, all side effects following eyelash extensions should cease after three days. If symptoms persist or grow worse, reach out to a medical professional for treatment advice. While the popular saying is “beauty is pain,” you should not be suffering the entire time. 

Can You Go Blind From Lash Extensions?

No, you cannot go blind from lash extensions. However, the formaldehyde used during the procedure can cause blindness if there is direct exposure to high concentrations. Formaldehyde is used in food, construction materials, and cosmetic products.

While it is strongly discouraged by the U.S. Food And Drug Administration, formaldehyde is not outright banned. On the flip side, a severe eye infection from trapped debris after lash extensions can cause blindness. However, not all eye infections have such dire ends.

If you suffer an eye infection like pink eye (conjunctivitis) as a result of extensions, blindness is not guaranteed. On another hand, blindness is an extremely rare side effect of an eye infection. However, it is important to receive proper treatment to avoid any complications.

Also before moving on, using something other than approved lash adhesive can cause some issues. In a 2018 article from Allure, a woman became temporarily blind after a lash technician sealed her eyes with nail glue.

Likewise, using hair bonding adhesive or super glue can cause a loss of eyesight for some people. You should only ever use approved adhesive for applying eyelash extensions to avoid any serious reactions.

Can I Use Eye Drops After Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can use certain eye drops after eyelash extensions. On that note, there are a few things to keep in mind. Eye drops are meant to increase the moisture in your eyes and can possibly interfere with the adhesive bonding process.

We recommend waiting for a minimum of 4 hours to allow the glue to set after getting eyelash extensions. Otherwise, eye drops are completely safe. To maintain the longevity of your lashes, steer clear of droplets that include salines, oils, and glycerin as primary ingredients.

These can have a negative impact on the adhesive, loosening the bond over time. By using eye drops that list saline, oil, or glycerin as the main ingredient, you could risk early fallout.

Additionally, we do not recommend using eye drops before your lash appointment. Your eyes would get way too moist for the glue to do its stuff effectively (that is, bond to your natural lash).

How Do You Get Rid Of Swollen Eyes After Eyelash Extensions?

To get rid of swollen eyes after eyelash extensions use a cold compression. No swelling should continue past 48 hours immediately following the procedure. Cold compresses restrict blood flow, thus minimizing the effects of swelling.

By the same token, using a cold compress can reduce pain and itchiness. As a disclaimer, beauty is our thing. We are not medical professionals and recommend you seek treatment if any symptoms continue or become worse. 

Final Thoughts: Why Does My Eye Feel Bruised After Eyelash Extensions?

To wrap it up, your eyes can feel bruised for a number of reasons after eyelash extensions. The common culprit is excess glue (i.e. improper application). Otherwise, you could be experiencing an allergic reaction.

You could be allergic to the active ingredients in the adhesive. If not the adhesive, you may be experiencing irritation related to the tape used during the procedure. Considering the possibility of a reaction, you may want to seek medical attention. 

Most of the time, there is no need for major concern. Side effects should only last one to two days. Cold compresses and retention-approved eye drops are popular at-home treatment methods. 

Now, some individuals may have rising concerns that their symptoms could lead to blindness, but this is incredibly unlikely. In fact, it’s very rare considering the lashes are professionally applied with appropriate materials.

Lash extensions are in right now, so if you feel discomfort afterward, it could be disheartening. We get it. Safe beauty practices are key, therefore you should listen to your body and find what works best for you.


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