Why Are False Eyelashes So Popular?

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Why are false eyelashes so popular? The classic age-old saying “eyes are the window to the soul” is prevalent in today’s society with false eyelashes dominating the makeup scene. According to Grand View Research Inc, the false eyelash market is predicted to reach $2.75 billion by 2030.

False eyelashes are sold everywhere from dedicated beauty stores to drugstores to even gas stations. They amplify the eyes and produce a feminine sultry vibe that many women seek.

False eyelashes have been around for decades and with the rise of social media, have completely dominated the beauty scene. Longer fuller lashes can help women feel more confident and to many, are a worthwhile daily staple. False eyelashes seem to be worth the money.

Why Are Fake Eyelashes So Popular?

Fake eyelashes are so popular because long, voluminous, full lashes are a symbol of femininity and help open and accentuate the eye. Despite lash growth serums, curling and tint, and mascaras, nothing beats fake eyelashes.

Fake eyelashes can be in the form of strips that are glued onto the eyelid and are an affordable way to create a dramatic mascara-free look. Fake eyelashes can also be eyelash extensions, in which individual lashes are glued to each natural lash that offers the same look as strip fake eyelashes but without the fuss of glue.

Lash extensions can last for several weeks and are more durable than false strip lashes, which are applied daily and removed before bed. Regardless of the type chosen, both strip and extensions are very popular.

In fact, a new type of fake eyelash has recently emerged on the market in order to meet the growing consumer demand for fake lashes—magnetic fake lashes that attach to the eyelid with magnetic strips instead of glue. Social media plays a big role in how we perceive beauty and fashion.

Fake eyelashes have been a part of the beauty industry for some time now, dating back to Vogue. At one point, fake eyelashes have been reserved for special occasions and a once-in-a-while occurrence, but now they dominate the everyday routine.

Mascara used to be the makeup most women could not leave the house without, and now fake eyelashes have been the new can’t live without accessory.

Instagram selfies, Tiktok videos, and Snapchat pictures are the main reason why everyones’ faces are constantly in front of the camera and fake eyelashes help provide that seemingly no-fuss put-together, selfie-ready vibe.

When Did Everyone Start Wearing False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes gained popularity from celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who seems to never leave the house without them. However, false eyelashes have been around before Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) aired on television.

Since the 1800s, women would attempt to glue on human hair to their eyelids. Anna Taylor, a Canadian woman, is said to be the first creator of artificial lashes in 1911 and Karl Nessler was the first to open a salon dedicated to selling false eyelashes in 1915.

False eyelashes really gained popularity in Hollywood when actresses started wearing them. Well-known actress Marylin Monroe started wearing false eyelashes in photoshoots in the 1950s to make her eyes larger and more sexual looking.

Throughout the years, false eyelashes were an up-and-down trend and in the 1990s, false eyelashes gained popularity again with actresses Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford who inspired the bombshell look. Today, false eyelashes have gained mainstream popularity with almost every famous actress and celebrity. 

What is the Point of Fake Eyelashes?

The point of fake eyelashes is to transform the eyes and create the illusion of femininity.  Disney and cartoons distinguish male and female characters by adding long eyelashes to the female characters. Think Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

Fake eyelashes embellish femininity. Long eyelashes, whether they are natural or fake, can protect eyes from pollutants and dirt since they act as a shield that protects them. Not only are fake eyelashes beauty amplifiers, but they serve a practical purpose as well.

Mascara can darken and lengthen natural lashes, but fake eyelashes not only can do that as well, but they can multiply the number of eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are a great time saver. They can reduce the amount of time it takes to apply makeup.

Fake eyelashes can create a more dramatic look than natural lashes and mascara and are especially popular for photoshoots, special events such as weddings, and even drag queen shows to make the eyes pop on camera.

Why Are Long Eyelashes So Attractive?

Long eyelashes can be a sign of prosperous health and fertility. The eyes are also an attractive feature that eyelash extensions can greatly enhance. Seductively blinking is a classic flirting technique that is portrayed in Hollywood movies, where starlets with long dark eyelashes flutter them towards their suitors.

People are even buying fake lashes and applying them to their car headlights to impersonate their cars as feminine. Studies have shown that female faces were rated the least attractive when eyelashes were very short, but most attractive on males. This signifies that gender norms are at play when it comes to eyelashes. 

Are False Eyelashes Worth The Money?

False eyelashes give the put-together look even if you walk outside the house with no makeup. Unlike mascara, false eyelashes do not smear or clump together and can instantly give anyone a fan of lush lashes.

False eyelashes are worth the money because they provide that feminine appeal. False eyelash strips can be inexpensive and can be bought for as low as $5.

However, different brand names, types of false lashes, and materials used like synthetic versus mink can be more expensive. False lash extensions can range from $150-$400 for a set. It all depends on your preference and budget. Anyone can afford false eyelashes!

Final Thoughts: Why Are False Eyelashes So Popular?

False eyelashes are no longer a trend, but the new standard in beauty. Everyone can flaunt false eyelashes whether it be simple fake eyelash strips bought from the drugstore to volume lash extensions applied by a lash technician.

Almost every woman celebrity and popular social media influencer adorns false eyelashes, ranging from a natural look to intense volume and length.

False lashes enhance one’s femininity and produce a sultry flirty look that provides more confidence. As more women wear false lashes every day, it is becoming more apparent that false lashes are worth it!


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