Will False Eyelashes Come Off If I Cry?

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Will false eyelashes come off if I cry? False eyelashes can come off when you cry. However, most false eyelashes and eyelash extensions are waterproof and will stay on through crying.

Salt and oils can weaken lash glue and clump lashes together, so cleaning and maintaining lashes are important for lash longevity and proper eye health.

Because eyelash extensions won’t smudge or smear like mascara, many women prefer wearing false eyelash strips and extensions for special occasions like weddings when crying is inevitable.

Will False Eyelashes Stay On If You Cry?

Imagine it is your wedding day, a day that you know will be joyfully emotional. You are wearing a fresh set of false eyelashes and you look great.

But you ask yourself, what if I start crying at the altar? Will my beautiful false eyelashes fall off leaving me embarrassed? I don’t want my wedding pictures with fallen out eyelashes.

Don’t worry, because false eyelashes will stay on if you cry as long as you use strong glue and proper application. False eyelashes can act just like your natural lashes.

Does Crying Ruin Fake Eyelashes?

Crying won’t ruin fake eyelashes, but tears can weaken the glue and cause fake eyelash strips to loosen on the eyelid and become detached. Simply reapplying the edges with more glue and gently using a blow dryer on a cool setting can make fake eyelashes look normal again after crying.

One of the advantages of fake eyelash strips is that they are easy to reapply again. If they start to look bent with noticeable missing lashes, then a new set can be replaced and applied since fake eyelashes are generally inexpensive.

Does Crying Make Eyelashes Longer?

Although crying can be annoying when wearing makeup because it can cause smearing, crying does have its purpose for maintaining good eye health. Tears help lubricate the eyeballs and help get rid of toxins, including debris. However, crying does not make eyelashes longer.

Eyelashes naturally grow longer from added oils like castor and coconut oil and by taking precautions to not rub eyes frequently because this can break and pull out lashes. Lashes grow on a four to ten week cycle and will take longer to grow if the hair is completely pulled out from the follicle.

How To Fix Fake Eyelashes After Crying?

To fix fake eyelashes after crying it is important to not pull on the wet lashes in order to avoid accidentally pulling them out. A clean mascara spoolie ran through the lashes can help detangle and straighten them out.

To properly fix fake eyelashes after crying, washing them with oil-free shampoo and drying them with a blow dryer on the cool setting is key. A quick fix is to take lashes after a day’s worth of use and soak them in micellar water for about fifteen minutes to get rid of all grime and glue and then let them air dry.

Most makeup artists recommend washing fake eyelashes daily. Rubbing alcohol spray is beneficial for killing bacteria and can be used in between washes.

Can You Cry with Eyelash Extensions?

Most eyelash extensions are waterproof, but lash technicians advise to avoid crying, swimming, or taking a shower for at least four hours (twenty-four hours is ideal) after getting lash extensions in order for the glue to cure.

Once the glue is cured, eyelash extensions won’t fall out in water. Water is not the culprit, but the combination of salt and oil within tears can break down eyelash extension glue over time without the proper care and attention.

Why Does It Hurt To Cry With Eyelash Extensions?

Crying with eyelash extensions can sometimes hurt because if the adhesive glue gets into the eye, it can cause burning, itching, and redness.

Eyelash extensions when wet can get hardened with the oils and salts from tears and can irate the eye as well. Loose lashes that fall off and that get stuck in the eye are definitely uncomfortable.

Good quality eyelash extensions use high quality materials so reactions from chemicals found in cheap extensions are more common. Sensitive glue can be useful to those who experience reactions to regular glue.

Does Crying Ruin Eyelash Extensions?

Crying will not instantly ruin eyelash extensions, but salt and oil from tears can deteriorate the adhesive glue and clump and dry out the lashes, so it is important to clean your lashes after crying.

Crying can make lash extensions feel hard once dried because of the buildup of salt and oils, so it is important that the lashes are cleaned after crying so they remain fluffy.

Often people rub their eyes when crying and that friction can accidentally pull out the lashes. Lash glue can sometimes get into the eye and cause itching and redness.

How Do You Clean Eyelash Extensions After Crying?

It is important to clean eyelash extensions after crying in order to prevent salt and oils from clumping and tangling the lashes together. Oil-free cleansers like baby shampoo are great to use.

You can buy a foamer bottle that will foam the baby shampoo to gently clean your lash extensions. Simply wet your eyelashes with water, pump the oil-free cleanser onto your fingers, and gently massage the lashes.

You can also use a lash brush. Rinse your lashes with water, making sure to not spray water directly onto the lashes because too strong of water pressure can damage them. Let your lashes air dry or use a blow dryer on a cool setting. Use a lash spoolie to separate the lashes.

Final Thoughts: Will False Eyelashes Come Off If I Cry?

Fake eyelash strips and eyelash extensions are waterproof and can survive through crying, but tears contain oil and salt that over time can deteriorate the lash glue and can cause premature lash fallout.

Lashes can also become dry and hard and cause clumping and fall out as well. Eyes can become red and itchy from glue that has loosened, so proper maintenance and cleaning lashes after crying are important in order to prolong fake lashes and maintain eye health.

The takeaway is that crying won’t ruin false eyelashes and they are a great alternative over mascara to ensure smudge-free makeup during any cry sesh!


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