Can You Wear False Eyelashes Without Makeup?

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Can you wear false eyelashes without makeup? Most certainly! False eyelashes accentuate your eyes and help make them pop. Historically, false eyelashes were used to accommodate a full-face look for glam events, but today, many women wear false eyelashes without makeup.

There are two types of false eyelashes on the market—false strip lashes applied with glue and eyelash extensions applied to each individual lash.

False strip lashes can be used with or without mascara and eyelash extensions don’t need mascara at all. Regardless of which one is used, false eyelashes can help women feel beautiful and put together without having to wear a lot of makeup.

Can You Wear Fake Eyelashes Without Makeup?

Many women enjoy wearing fake eyelashes as part of their daily routine, with or without makeup. Fake eyelashes have become the rage, rocketing in popularity.

Imagine waking up with long, curly full lashes without having to apply any makeup. Fake eyelashes accentuate the eye and they say eyes are the windows to the soul.

Full lashes add instant attraction for everyone, by not only creating an alluring physical alteration but increasing one’s confidence and self-image. When you look your best, you often feel your best, and lashes can help achieve this even without wearing other makeup products.

Do You Have To Wear Makeup With Fake Eyelashes?

Wearing makeup with fake eyelashes is not a requirement. Though, super dramatic volume fake eyelashes look better with a full face of makeup.

While more classic natural-looking fake eyelashes look complete without or with a minimal amount of makeup. However, many women wear dramatic fake eyelashes without any makeup, so it is definitely a personal decision and preference.

Can You Wear Fake Lashes Without Mascara?

Fake eyelashes are meant to be worn by themselves on natural lashes. Mascara can be applied before or after application of false strip lashes, but it is not necessary.

You can find dark, full, and long lashes that look even better than natural lashes with mascara. Most women find they do not need mascara when they use false strip lashes. You can reuse a pair of false strip lashes several times if you don’t use mascara.

If you opt for fake eyelash extensions, you do not want to use any mascara. Any oil product can eat away at the lash adhesive and can prematurely cause individual fake lashes to fall out.

The concept of fake lash extensions is to have long, full lashes without the need of mascara, so using mascara would be both a waste of time and money. If you must use mascara on lash extensions, then make sure it is oil-free.

Is It Better To Wear Fake Eyelashes Or Mascara?

Sometimes fake and false eyelashes can be used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. Fake eyelashes are lash extensions that are applied individually on each natural lash while false eyelashes are strip lashes applied to the eyelid with glue.

False eyelashes can be applied by yourself, while fake lash extensions need to be applied by a trained lash technician. Some people argue that fake eyelash extensions can be damaging to natural lashes, but only if they are applied incorrectly and taken care of improperly.

Some cheap mascara can be drying to natural lashes and applied too heavily can break the lash. There are many mascaras and even mascara primers that contain natural healthy ingredients designed to lubricate the lash. There is no better method—fake eyelashes or mascara is a matter of personal preference.

It depends on the time and budget. Fake eyelashes can be most costly and take more time, not only to apply but to also maintain and take care of. Mascara prices can range from a few dollars to almost a hundred for a tube and can last for a month to several months depending on the usage.

Can You Wear False Eyelashes Without Eyeliner?

Eyeliner can be used with mascara, false eyelashes, or by itself. You can wear false eyelashes without wearing eyeliner, but eyeliner is helpful to hide eyelash glue and create a streamlined transition from the fake lashes to the eyelid. Eyeliner can also darken the eye and create a dramatic look.

For a natural look, you can draw a thin line with a pencil eyeliner, and for a more dramatic look such as a smokey eye, you can draw a thicker line with a liquid eyeliner. If you are using eyeliner with fake eyelash extensions, make sure it is oil-free because oil-based products can weaken the glue.

Is It Better To Wear False Eyelashes Or Mascara?

Choosing between mascara or fake eyelashes is a matter of preference. Mascara can be easier to apply with a stroke of a wand and there are so many brands and formulas to achieve the look you want.

Mascara is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about crying and smearing your makeup. False eyelash stripes can be difficult to learn how to apply, but once learned, they can be applied quickly.

False eyelashes can create a more dramatic look than mascara can since mascara is accentuating the natural lash. So women with shorter and sparse lashes would do better with false lashes to create a fuller look.

No matter how much mascara you use, you cannot create the same dramatic look as fake eyelashes. Applying too much mascara can cause clumps and weigh lashes down.

Experiment with both mascara and fake eyelashes and find out what your daily staple is. Some women prefer to wear mascara daily and reserve fake eyelashes for special occasions while some women wear fake lashes every day.

Final Thoughts: Can You Wear False Eyelashes Without Makeup?

False eyelashes were designed to be used without mascara. Instead of applying mascara, you can apply fake lash strips with glue every day or go to a salon for semi-permanently glued lashes for a low-maintenance look that will last several weeks.

Mascara can still be used in conjunction with fake eyelashes, as well as other makeup products. No matter if you use fake eyelashes or mascara, your natural beauty will be enhanced and your eyes will be popping!


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